Hisoundaudio HSA-AD1

Hisoundaudio HSA-AD1 - HSA-AD1
Hisoundaudio HSA-AD1 Hybrid Balanced Armature+Dynamic Driver with MIC HiFi In-Ear Earphone

Second generation dynamic and balanced armature earphones, new listening style

  • high explanatory power and texture of armature, low frequency of dynamic, restored live music accurately, AD1 creation of a new listening style, let you enjoy the warm sound of music.

Dynamic + balanced armature perfect match

  • Dynamic and armature have different characteristic. Armature’s texture and details are better than dynamic, but dynamic’s frequency response especially low-frequency better than armature. If merge the two complement each other, the earphone is perfect. AD1 divide accurate and well-tuned, is a new generation of dynamic and armature earphones which near-perfect, and using the most advanced technology allows you to enjoy the sweet music.

Different with other dynamic and armature earphones

  • Dynamic and armature earphones from worldwide have cold voice and tri-band disjointed problem. AD1 solve this problem via synchronous design dynamic and armature speaker. AD1’s voice is warm and smooth, rich in detail, low-frequency thick, the creation of new standard dynamic and armature earphones

Sub-chamber flow control technology

  • The cause of the traditional dynamic and armature earphones sound muddy is harmful standing waves inside the cavity mutual interference.
  • AD1 creatively sub cavity design dynamic and armature, according to their respective acoustic features, eventually let the music play most coordinated, sounds clean and transparent

Theater-like surround sound field feeling

  • The most distinctive feature of the AD1 is image of the sound. It has wide sound field like theater, but also a stable vocals, present a clear stage.

Movie film-like music texture

  • AD1 film-like music screen, details clearly, texture lifelike, structured, strong chiaroscuro, moderate saturation, soft colors, and the overall musical pictures seductive

For symphonic rock

  • Symphonic and rock needs adequate energy supply, compare to other dynamic and armature earphones, AD1 sound density, lumpy sound impact will be very exciting interpretation of symphonic rock. Due to armature, its strings and delicate flexible, with a clear sense of musical form flow. AD1 can meet the needs of the vast majority of serious music appreciation

Design for music relevant personage

  • AD1 emphasize musical accuracy, including sound, shape, speed, texture and rhythm, melody, contrast, and density, etc. focused on the details of the music playback, so music related personnel can try to experience music theme through figure out the details of the music, learn musicians skills, listening to the noble instrument timbre, develop their own sense of music


  • Type: Dynamic BA driver in ear
  • Impedance: 16ohm
  • Sensitivity: 105Db
  • Frequency response: 10-23KHz
  • Maximum SPL: 125db(1KHz,1Vrms)
  • Earphone jack: 3.5mm
  • Length of the cable: 127cm
  • Mic: Yes


  • Hisoundaudio HSA-AD1 Earphone
  • 2 pairs of foam eartips( M/L)
  • 3 pairs of silicone eartips(S/ M/L)
  • Free 4 pairs of silicone eartips

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