HYPERSENSE HEX02 HiFi In-ear Earphones with Mic & Remote Control


HEX02 towards: it is biased towards balance; quality focus on parsing (it is the best earphones in the same price); the tone is focused on restoring.

Its sound features are bright, transparent and real. HEX02 is rare earphones at this price, there is not too much noise. It can be used to monitor, you can restore the singer's recording more realistic.

The cohesion of HEX02's sound is stronger, which makes the sound field performance. It cannot be said particularly well, because the sound field of in-ear headphones is hard to do. It's good enough for hundred-yuan headphones.

HEX02 also has relatively good transient, the sound received well, not muddy;

It also has a more comfortable, and can highlight the basic sound pressure of sound quality; when listening to violins, guitars and other musical instruments, the sound language is expressed more clearly; note that it is a headphone can be used to monitor.

The sound and appearance all are full, the beauty of technology

Streamlined design, hard and soft, HiFi headphones designers try their best to create

The gloss of high transparent crystal lens: use wristwatch-level high-transparent crystal material, away from the rough and the inexpensive of transparent plastic.

The solid of stainless steel integrated shell: use alloy steel surface pull-grain treatment, bid farewell to disintegrating, flaking paint and deformation rupture.

Process aesthetics, crafted: super-hard alloy knife processing technology + mobile phone screen edge grinding process

Outside simple but internal complex, combine the double-cavity

Ultra-thin shell design, large driver can also be suitable for small ears

Double cavity push-pull structure, low energy consumption can burst high energy

Neither passive noise reduction nor hearing protection is to suffer

Shell closed assembly, to minimize noise infiltration

Micropore tuning pressure relief, protect the eardrum to prevent hearing loss

Reduce low-frequency high-pressure, relieve the negative pressure on the ear canal

Get a victory through "thin", bid farewell to burning

Vacuum micron titanium-plated + physical vapor deposition

Thin as onion skin, but surging and powerful

Driver is soften, not need long-term burning

A stylish balanced earphone

Follow the HIFI classic curve, modulation according to Asian's sense of hearing

Decrease the human voice burr, improve low frequency cohesion

Low frequency is not turbid, human voice has texture, drums powerful, moderate near and far

Mechanical button-like feel

Buttons stable, rebound fast, touch is clear and no mistake

Since then, the call without bound

Multi-point radio remote control, all-round and no dead ends

Capacitive microphone, included the details clearly

Android / iOS automatic recognize and switch

Multi-layer protection, soft and easy to care

Imported sport headphone standard wire

Frosted surface and anti-wrap

Military KEVLAR super anti-tensile

Super soft outer layer, reducing hearing aid effects

Plug-quick design, easy to use

Conical stainless steel plug, easy to plug and remove, anti-break


Impendence: 16Ω

Driver diameter: 9mm

Diaphragm material: PET / Ti composite material
Rated power: 10mW
Sensitivity: ≥95dB (@ 1kHz)
Frequency response range: 20 ~ 40kHZ

Wire material: 1.35m environmental TPE

Receiver: condenser microphone

Remote control: three buttons (volume and pause)
System compatibility: Android and iOS adapt automatically

Plug: gold-plated plug



Storage bag


S/M/L silicone eartips

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