iFi-Audio Micro-iDAC

iFi-Audio Micro-iDAC
iFi-Audio Micro-iDAC 24Bit/192kHz Desktop High-end USB DAC


  • A fantastic dynamic range means more of everything. More detail, more musical, and most of all: more fun. When it’s relaxation time – your ears will be treated to a rarefied, luxurious sound. All your music will sound striking on the iDAC.
  • Resolution matters. Yet the realism of playback matters more. These are all determined by a number of factors — like the USB interface technology, power supply quality, and the analogue output stage. The iDAC uses a highly-advanced Asynchronous/Jitterless USB interface (trickle-down technology from AMR’s high-end audio equipment) to give not just good but perfect audio transfer.
  • With 3 dedicated internal power supplies, they provide a clean environment for the DAC to produce high-resolution audio. Augmented by the ESS Hyperstream Chipset — typically reserved for expensive high-end audio equipment, music reproduction is startling realistic.


  • Advances in Computer Audio technology have pushed the quality past CD. Only a DAC that is capable of replaying the highest-quality recordings unhindered can realise the full, stunning potential from modern High-Definition digital formats – up to 24Bit/192kHz and beyond.
  • These recordings are almost all exclusively available as downloads for replay via computer. To accept anything less from a DAC designed to partner computers for music replay is to accept a compromise in sound quality. For iFi, this was not an option.

ESS Sabre

  • The ESS Sabre is one of the highest-quality DACs bar none. That’s because the ESS Sabre chip’s advanced Hyperstream technology provides up to 10x better signal-to-noise ratio, superior dynamic range, and unrivalled jitter rejection making it audibly superior to the competition.
  • Music is incredibly clear, virtually tangible. Bass lines are sharper and more powerful than ever, music is life-like.

HI-Speed USB

  • Realism and resolution matter. These and other qualities are determined by a number of factors — the USB interface technology, power supply quality, and the analogue output stage. The iDAC uses an advanced Asynchronous/Jitterless USB interface to give the best audio data transfer possible.
  • With 3 dedicated internal power supplies, they provide the purest environment for the DAC. In conjunction with the discrete analogue stage — found in high-end audio equipment — the iDAC reproduces the most faithful and musical high-definition music ever.
  • The Asynchronous USB audio connection is now commonplace and lauded as the cutting-edge. This was only the starting point for iFi; the iDAC has a super low-jitter Asynchronous USB connection with Bit-Perfect technology. Before the iDAC, this superior technology was reserved for AMR’s expensive high-end DACs. Our engineers bring these advanced technologies to the iDAC at a truly remarkable price point.


  • DirectDrive technology (which originated from top-end studio equipment) has negated the need for coupling capacitors to offer a purer, shorter signal path. Behind this technology is direct-coupling and more; resulting in greater power output and lower distortion than most USB-powered audio devices. Headphones are responsive across the frequency range; to give the most undistorted, uncoloured sound. Your ears will be enthralled by the iDAC’s audible superiority.


  • Signal to Noise Ratio:


  • Dynamic Range(-60dBFs):


  • Crosstalk:


  • Total Harmonic Distortion(THD):


  • Jitter:

Below measurement limit

  • Frequency Response:

3Hz to 33KHz + 0.1dB/0.3dB

Headphone section:


  • Output Power:

>150mW (15Ω)

  • Output Voltage:

>3.3V (>100Ω)

  • Signal to Noise Ratio:

>97dB(A) (400mV/300R)

  • Total Harmonic Distortion:

<0.003% (400mV/300R)

  • Output Impedance:(Zout):


  • Power Consumption:

< 2.5W

  • Dimensions:


  • Weight:



  • iFi-Audio Micro-iDAC
  • USB DAC cable
  • Dual RCA signal cable
  • 4 pieces of rubber feet


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