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iBasso AMP7/AMP8

iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP7/AMP8
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  • Brand: iBasso
  • Model: AMP7/AMP8
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iBasso AMP8 3.5pro 3.5mm Balanced Headphone Amplifier Card for iBasso DX150 DX200


High voltage and high current

Rich and wide

The AMP8 adopts a newly designed discrete component line, and has the characteristics of high voltage and high current output. After long-term intensive research and development, dozens of revisions have been made, and finally THD+N is achieved to -113dB, which makes rational use of the large driving force of the transistor. Also ensure that the output enough HiFi.

2700mA power, like a generator

The output selects a power transistor with a current up to 2700mA, which provides great current output capability, effectively guarantees the restoration of instantaneous large dynamic signals, and drives various high-current headphones, which is easy and natural. Compared with AMP4s, the high-frequency is more clear and fierce, and the high-frequency is elegant and flexible, while the low-frequency is solid.

3.5mm Balanced pro

Maximum output level:6.2Vrms

Frequency range:15Hz-45KHz/-0.3dB

THD+N:0.00023%, -113dBWithout [email protected]

      0.00023%,-113(300Ω[email protected])

Noise ratio:125db

Dynamic Range:125db


When using OPAMPs to develop an amplifier, it is almost impossible to achieve high voltage output and high current output, especially, on a portable devices. Some engineers have used the TPA6120 in the buffer stage to achieve 750mA output current. However, the TPA6120 has a 10ohm output impedance, which isn’t ideal for low impedance IEMs or headphones. So, we decided to use discrete components which are usually used in desktop amplifiers to develop the AMP7 but the development process is much more difficult when using discrete components. After long development period and with our final design, we present the AMP7 card that has both high voltage and high current output and at the same time maintains low output impedance with extremely good measurements. AMP7 complements the premium performance of the DX150 and the DX200, giving you even more choices when playing the music you enjoy.

iBasso AMP7 3.5mm Single Ended HiFi Audiophile Discrete  Amplifier Card for iBasso DX150 DX200


AMP7 is a complete new discrete circuit design that based on our four channel architecture and features both a high voltage and current output. High current output is very useful for low impedance multi drivers in-ear monitors.

Low VCE transistors are utilized and are manually sorted and paired, providing better consistency and linearity. The low VCE also expands the linearity range.

+/-8V high voltage swing. This significantly improves dynamics and headroom, resulting in a more accurate sound that is true to the recording.

The transistors used on the buffer stage have a up to 2700mA output current rating, which allows the AMP7 to drive IEMs and headphones that require high current with ease.


Phone Out:

Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms

Frequency Response: 10Hz-45KHz +/-0.3dB

S/N: 122dB

THD+N: 0.00023%, -113dB (no [email protected])

        0.00023%, -113dB (300Ω@1.8Vrms)

Output Impedance: 0.3ohm

DNR: 122dB

Crosstalk: -106dB

Line Out:

Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms

Frequency Response: 10Hz-45KHz +/-0.3dB

S/N: 117dB

THD+N: 0.00023%, -113dB (no [email protected])

DNR: 117dB

Average Play Time: 7.5hours (Play time varies with different sample/bit rates, volume and headphone/IEM loads.)

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