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iBasso DC03

iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
Out Of Stock
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
iBasso DC03
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  • Model: DC03
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iBasso DC03 CS43131 DSD Android USB Type-C to 3.5mm Headphone Amplifier Decode Cable


DC03, the second-generation decoder amplifier, witnessed the decoder entering the era of double DAC, Nanovolt level bottom noise and low distortion

Double CS43131 decoder chip

Bottom noise < 0.9μV, almost inaudible

THD + N < 0.00028%

32 Ω @ 80 mw

3.5mm stereo interface

Open and decoder line double DAC is the first to enjoy the sweet crystal sound

We have made great efforts on the limited size of DC03 and made a breakthrough by using two high-performance HIFI decoding chips to significantly improve the output power and channel resolution and enrich the details.

Cirrus Logic's next generation CS43131 with MasterHIFI™ technology has great potential and sweet and pleasant sound. DC03 double DAC design, double material, to ensure the second generation of decoder cable with high quality sound.

True gold is not afraid of fire, hard power is not afraid of PK

Indicators are not the only way to verify sound quality, but they do tell you a lot about the quality of a product's design.

Signal-to-noise ratio: 127 dB, bottom noise < 0.9μV, single-ended thrust 80mW @ 32Ω, THD + N < 0.00028% (111 db), output impedance 0.12Ω.

The above are AP measurement indicators, stand out in the decoder cable products!

Based on supergroup index, adjust the charming voice

The core index of DC03 audio is superior to others, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 127dB and THD+N reaching 0.00028%, leaving the similar products far behind. Even compared to high-end HIFI players, it does not fall behind. Based on the outstanding indicators, the DC03 has been tuned hundreds of times to produce an amazing sound.

The bottom noise reaches the level of Nanovolt, approaches zero, and is clean and transparent

In AP practice, DC03 bottom noise small than 0.9μV(900nV), be ahead of the similar kind products. The outstanding bottom noise control allows the DC03 to maintain a clean sound base and immerse listeners in the music.

The long-lost 3.5mm earphone jack can help you listen to music on your mobile phone again

Today, when listening to music with the interface of 3.5mm on mobile phones is becoming more and more luxurious, use DC03 to review the beauty of listening to music with wired earphones. Those listening habits that you've been practicing for a long time don't have to change!

The slim body contains a lot of push, and listening to music on your mobile phone should be HIFI to the end

Compared with DC02, the thrust of DC03 is increased by three times, 80 mw @ 32 Ω, even better than mainstream HIFI player. Once hard to push in-ear earphones, mobile phones can also be pushed orderly, structured.

Do not miss every detail, the use of a satisfactory experience

The metal case of the DC03 adopts a wiredrawing process, with a delicate look and attractive touch, comparable to high-end HIFI players. Select 4 strands copper-plated silver audiophile cable, bring you a more comfortable experience.

From Android phones to computers, it can meet the needs of all scenarios

DC03 adopts type-C interface and uses standard UAC2.0 sound card chip, which is not only compatible with most Android phones and tablets in the market, but also can connect to Apple /Windows computers through the C-A adapter, easily realizing external decoding. Plug and play, get up anytime, anywhere.

Provide exclusive APK software, realize 64 level hardware volume adjustment

Mobile phones usually use software algorithms to adjust the volume, which is only about 10 levels in general. The volume range of each level varies greatly, making it difficult to provide fine adjustment.The output level of DC03 is as high as 2Vrms, which can be very loud even if the phone is only 1. To this end, we wrote an APK that supports UAC2.0 volume regulation, which realizes 64 level control volume and makes the transition more delicate.


DC03 can be plug and play on Android devices running Android above Android5.1 (due to the impact of the device system or hardware, there may be compatibility differences on very few Android devices).But with the DC03 output level up to 2Vms, even volume 1 can be very loud on some Android devices.Therefore, it is recommended that you install Android APK-ibasso UAC for finer volume control.PCM 32Bit/384kHz and Native DSD256 output are supported for some models.


DAC chip: CS43131*2

THD+N: 0.00028%(32Ω load, 1.2Vrms)

Oupt level: 2Vrms(300Ω load) 1.61Vrms(32Ω load)

Output power: 80mW@32Ω


Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz±0.5dB

Bottom noise: 0.9 μV

Output impedance: 0.12Ω

PCM: up to 32Bit/384kHz

DSD: Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256

Weight: 11g

Length: 105mm



USB-C to USB-A adapter

Palash Shil 12/01/2021

iBasso DC03 is also another good purchase for me. I like listening to a lot of blues, Jazz and with iBasso DC03 the overall listening experience is very good.

My detailed review -

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