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iBasso DC05

iBasso DC05 - DC05

iBasso DC05 Dual ES9219C DSD256 32bit/384kHz Android USB Type-C to 3.5mm Headphone Amplifier Decode Cable


Continuation of dual DAC design, ES9219C x 2

Support MQA 16X expansion

[email protected]Ω, [email protected]Ω

SNR 121dB, THD+N -105Db

3.5mm stereo interface

Continuing the dual DAC architecture, bringing out the amazing potential of ES9219C

In the HiFi field, every bit of improvement in indicators means more research and development time and material costs. We have never compromised on the small tail, the price-friendly DC05. We strictly follow the principle of giving priority to sound quality and performance, and adopt a dual DAC design to achieve better output power and noise floor control than a single DAC.

ES9219C is a new generation of decoder chip under ESS, with good chip power consumption control and excellent measured indicators. Based on double materials, we give full play to the advantages of ES9219C to ensure that the DC05 sound is outstanding enough.

It is strong strength, invincible. Low noise, thrust and other qualities make similar products difficult to expect

The index is not the only criterion for verifying the sound quality, but it is enough to explain the quality of the product materials and the level of design capabilities.

The typical value of the noise floor of a single ES9219C is about 2.1μV, which has been declared as "almost zero noise floor". And the dual ES9219C decoding line we designed carefully reduces the noise floor to 1.55μV, which is lower than "almost zero noise floor. The background becomes darker and the hearing is better. In terms of output power, the maximum undistorted power of the DC05 16Ω load, the single-chip ES9218C's 97mW is increased to 140mW, and the 32Ω load output reaches 93mW, which is a significant improvement!

MQA hardware solution supports 16X expansion

MQA can provide high-resolution playback at low data rates, and solves the problem of large files when streaming high-resolution audio. With Tidal and other support MQA playback software, DC05 can realize MQA 16X expansion. Among them, 2X is unfolding by software, and 8X is rendered by DAC hardware (Hardware rendering). No need for complicated settings, just APP and audio file support, plug and play, convenient and fast.

LED indicator, in different modes, the color of the DC05 indicator is different

Red: connected, not playing

Blue: DSD mode

Green: PCM mode

Pink: MQA mode

NDK femtosecond crystal oscillator, good sound does not hesitate to use materials

DC05 is equipped with Japanese NDK femtosecond crystal oscillator, which is of groundbreaking significance in the decoding line, which can effectively reduce the phase noise and provide a more accurate clock reference for the DAC.

Improve the experience in the details to improve the experience

All-aluminum alloy shell, the exterior is polished first, and then sandblasted and oxidized. While ensuring the delicate feel of the DC05 shell, the feedback to the light is better and pleasing to the eye! It selected high-quality copper silver-plated wires, stable signal transmission, and soft skin Comfortable, without fear of large bending, durable.

The whole scene of music, movie and game play is impeccable

Use a standard 3.5mm plug to connect to a mobile phone or computer, and you can use it to its full potential. Paired with 3.5mm earphones with excellent sound quality, whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you have a full sense of immersion and enjoy the endless fun of good sound!

From Android phones to computers to meet more needs

DC05 adopts Type-C interface and standard UAC2.0 sound card chip. It is not only compatible with most Android phones and tablets on the market, but also can be connected to an Apple/Windows computer through the included C-A adapter to easily realize external decoding. Plug and play, HIFI anytime, anywhere.

Provide exclusive APK software to achieve 64-level hardware volume adjustment

Mobile phones usually use software algorithms to adjust the volume, generally only about 10 levels, and the volume range of each level varies greatly, making it difficult to provide fine adjustment. The output level of DC05 is as high as 2Vrms, even if the volume of the mobile phone is only 1, there may be a loud volume phenomenon. To this end, we have written an APK that supports UAC2.0 volume adjustment to achieve 64-level hardware volume adjustment. Each level of the phone volume can be subdivided into 64 levels. The volume can be precisely controlled, and the transition is more delicate.

Operation introduction:

DC05 can be plug-and-played on Android devices with Android 5.1 or higher (affected by the device system or hardware, there may be compatibility differences on a very small number of Android devices). Since the DC05 output level is as high as 2Vms, even if the volume is 1 on some Android devices, the volume may be very loud. Therefore, it is recommended that you install the dedicated Android APK, iBasso UAC, to achieve finer volume adjustment. For some types of Android devices, you may need to manually turn on the OTG function in the system settings. When used with mobile phones, it supports up to PCM32bit/384kHz and Native DSD256 output.


DAC chip: ES9219C*2

Maximum output level: 2Vrms (300Ω Load), power about 13mW

Maximum non-distortion level: 1.73Vrms (32Ω Load), power about 93mW

Maximum non-distortion level: 1.5Vrms (16Ω Load), power is about 140mW

Noise floor: 1.55μVrms

SNR: 121dB

THD+N: - 105dBA (32Ω load)

Output impedance: <0.5Ω

PCM: support 32bit/384kHz

DSD: Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256

MQA: support 16X expansion

Weight: 9g

Length: 105mm



USB-C to USB-A adapter

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