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iBasso DC06

iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
iBasso DC06
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  • Brand: iBasso
  • Model: DC06
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iBasso DC06 Dual ES9219C DSD256 32bit/384kHz USB Type-C DAC Decoder with 3.5mm/4.4mm Interface for Android/iOS 






THD+N 0.00035%

Android iOS/Tablet/Win/Mac interchangeable cable

Femtosecond crystal oscillator

MQA 16X rendering expanded

3.5mm single-ended interface

4.4mm balanced interface

Double the material and keep going. Two ES9219CC, no compromise on sound quality

ES9219C, the latest generation decoding chip of ESS Company, hard-decodes MQA 16X. Based on the in-depth research and development of the previous DC06 chip, we have built a strong foundation on its excellent measured indicators and power consumption control, and improved it to a higher level.

Have independent power supply to achieve turbo boost of amp output power. Synchronous rectification technology, low noise charge pump, low dropout voltage regulator

Compared with other high output power amps, the output power of DC06 is still as high as 320mW@32ohm when THD+N is less than -101dB. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the power consumption of mobile devices such as mobile phones. The thrust, battery life, heat dissipation, all have more advantages.

Comparison of typical values of single ES9219C decoding cable and DC05, DC06

Comparison of typical values of single ES9219C decoding cable

Signal-to-noise ratio: 119dB

Dynamic range: 119dB

Single-ended output power: 80mW@32ohm

Separation: 65dB@32ohm

Typical value of DC05

Signal-to-noise ratio: 121dB

Dynamic range: 121dB

Single-ended output power: 93mW@32ohm

Separation: 66dB@32ohm

Typical value for DC06

Signal-to-noise ratio: 123dB

Dynamic range: 123dB

Single-ended output power: 125mW@32ohm

Balanced output power: 320mW@32ohm

Single-ended separation: 66dB@32ohm

Balanced separation: 132dB@32ohm

NDK femtosecond crystals are different from conventional crystals

Femtosecond crystal oscillator can firmly control the phase jitter of digital signals to a low level, less than 1 picosecond(1/1000000000000 second). DC06 have weaker phase noise, lower distortion, more precise clock reference, better musical sound.

MQA hardware solution supports MQA 16X rendering and expansion, plug and play, no need for cumbersome software and hardware settings

MQA files can provide high-resolution playback at low bit rates, solving the problem that high-resolution audio files are too large during streaming media playback. With Tidal and other playback software that supports MQA, DC06 can realize MQA 16X expansion. 2X is unfolding by software and 8X is rendered by DAC hardware. No cumbersome settings, just APP and audio file support, plug and play, convenient and fast.

Colorful LED indicators, DC06 can easily decode a variety of audio files

PCM 32Bit/384kHz, native DSD256, MQA 16X.

Red LED indicator: connecting and unplay

Blue LED indicator: DSD mode

Green LED indicator: PCM mode

Pink LED indicator: MQA mode

Detachable cables, wide compatibility

Android, iOS, Tablet, Win, Mac


3.5mm single-ended output

4.4mm balanced output

Fine workmanship, durable, portable, pleasing to the eye, sweet to the ear

All aluminum alloy shell, sandblasted, anodized.

Selected highly oxygen-free copper, DC06 have stable transmission, soft and comfortable, no fear of large bending.

Music, movies, games

iBasso well-crafted sound belongs to all the sounds you love.

Exclusive APK software iBasso UAC 64-level hardware volume adjustment

Mobile phones usually use software algorithms to adjust the volume, generally only about 10 levels. Under the strong thrust of DC06 up to 4Vrms output level, even if the volume of the mobile phone is lowered to 1 file, the actual sound pressure may be very large. To this end, we have written an APK that supports UAC2.0 volume adjustment to achieve 64-level hardware volume adjustment. Each level of the phone volume can be subdivided into 64 levels. The volume can be precisely controlled, and the transition is more delicate.

*DC06 must be used under the Android device environment of Android 5.1 and above. And affected by the device system or hardware, there may be compatibility differences on a very small number of Android devices.


DAC chip: ES9219C*2

PCM: 32Bit/384kHz

DSD: Native DSD256

MQA: 16X extension

Weight: 23g

Size: 50mm*23.2mm*14mm

3.5mm single-ended output

Maximum undistorted level: 2Vrms(32ohm load, THD+N<-97dB)

SNR: 120dB

Dynamic range: 120dB

THD+N: <0.0007%(32ohm load); <0.00056%(600ohm load)

Output impedance: <0.3ohm

Distortion: 118dB(no load), 66dB(32ohm load)

4.4mm balanced output

Maximum undistorted level: 4Vrms(300ohm load, THD+N<-102dB); 3.2Vrms(32ohm load, THD+N <-101dB)

SNR: 123dB

Dynamic range: 123dB

THD+N: <0.0005%(32ohm load); <0.00035%(600ohm load)

Output impedance: <0.5ohm

Distortion: 142dB(no load), 132dB(32ohm load)


iBasso DC06

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