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IMR Acoustics

Brand: IMR Acoustics Model: Seraph
IMR Seraph ADLC Dynamic Driver  + Balanced Armatures + MEMS Full Bandwidth Driver Hybrid HiFi Audiophile IEM REQUIRES 300/500hrs+ BURN IN TIMEDescriptionThe Seraph marks a giant leap forward in what we can do with an in-ear monitor.Combining technologies old and new to find that ulti..
Brand: IMR Acoustics Model: RAH 2023
IMR RAH 2023 Dynamic Driver + 10mm Planar Magnetic Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEM with Tuning Nozzles& DampersRequires 200/300hrs + burn in timeDescriptionThe RAH is a tour de force in-ear monitor incorporating the (updated for 2023) IMR ultra-wide band ADLC dynamic dri..
IMR-Acoustics IMR-Acoustics
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Brand: IMR Acoustics Model: BC 2023
IMR BC 2023 Dual Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMsREQUIRES 200/300hrs + BURN IN TIME DescriptionMany of you are bass heads and IMR have wanted to create the ultimate audiophile bass head IEM for a while.The BC (bass cannon) is that very IEM!Utilizing the al..
Brand: IMR Acoustics Model: ELAN+
IMR ELAN+ 2 Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver Hybird 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs with Tuning Nozzles& DampersREQUIRES 200/300hrs + BURN IN TIMEDescriptionThe original Elan was an immense hit amongst our customers. Offering a thunderous yet superiorly controll..
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