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In-ear Earphones

Brand: Geek Wold Model: GK20
Geek Wold GK20 3BA + 2 Piezoelectric + 2 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear EarphoneDesignPatented driver technology: 3BA + 2DD + 2PZT3 channel, 4 crossover technology: 2 ultra-treble + 2 treble + alto + 2 bass3D resin printing, seamless integrated appearanceHigh quality cable: 5N c..
Brand: SIMGOT Model: EA1000
SIMGOT EA1000 2nd DMDCT™ 10mm Dual-Magnetic Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-Ear Earphone  Core highlight SDPGD™ base film multilayer sputtered purple gold diaphragm The second generation DMDC™ dual-magnetic circuit dual-cavity dynamic drive 1DD + 1PR aco..
Brand: SuperTFZ Model: CROWN
SuperTFZ CROWN Dynamic Driver 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs with Dual Impedance Mode Tuning Switches DescriptionProfessional stage music earphonesBuilt-in impedance capacitance filters adjustable circuit to stabilize acoustic system.DesignCROWN flagship headphones have inc..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: NEO 1
ISN AUDIO NEO 1 Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone IEM DescriptionLight and beautiful, comfortable to wear, no strange feeling in contact with the skin.Stabilized wood panel, brown&..
Brand: Geek Wold Model: GK200
Geek Wold GK200 6BA + 2 Piezoelectric + 2DD Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEM Description10 driver: 6 balanced armature + 2 piezoelectric ceramics + 2 dynamic3 channel 4-way crossover: 4 ultra-high frequency + 2 high frequency + 2 mid-high frequency + 2 low frequencyPaten..
Tansio Mirai HALO TOTL Flagship 8BA + 4EST Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMsConfiguration12 drivers on one side, 24 drivers on both sides.8 balanced armature +4 electrostatic drivers hybridDriver introduction:2 Sonion open-hole BA for low fr..
Brand: BQEYZ Model: Wind
BQEYZ Wind Dynamic Driver + Coil Bone Conduction Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-Ear EarphonesDescriptionBQEYZ design coil bone conduction10mm dual-cavity dynamic driverAluminum alloy CNC body takes shapeNew design hollow designBalanced earphone sound qualityHigh-quality silver-plat..
Brand: DUNU Model: Falcon Ultra
DUNU Falcon Ultra 2nd-gen ECLIPSE Dynamic Driver Lithium-magnesium Metallic Diaphragm MMCX Audiophile HiFi In-ear EarphoneDescription 2nd-Gen ECLIPSE tech Lithium-magnesium alloy pure Metallic diaphragm High-magnetic fluxPorous airflow micro-control technologyTwo typ..
Brand: Penon Model: DOME
Penon DOME 3 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Earphone Audiophile IEM DescriptionThe use of medical grade resin material, light and beautiful, comfortable to..
Brand: SIMGOT Model: EA500
SIMGOT EA500 10mm DLC Diaphragm Dual-Magnetic-Circuit & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver In-Ear EarphoneConfiguration10mm dual-magnetic circuit & dual-cavity dynamicThe 4th generation DLC composite diaphragmDetachable nozzle designTwo tuning styles with high completion degree comply with..
Brand: Hisenior Model: Okavango
Hisenior Okavango 6BA+1DD Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile IEM HiFi In-ear Earphone with Tuing SwitchesDescriptionOkavango Design InspirationsOkavango HYBRID 7-DRIVERS IN-EAR MONITOR is the 1ST IEM in the newest and professional WILD-NATURE series, named after the worl..
Brand: Hisenior Model: Mega5Est
Hisenior Mega5Est 2EST+2BA+1DD Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile IEM HiFi In-ear EarphoneDescriptionTribrid 5-drivers 10mm dynamic + 2BA + 2EST2EST supper tweeter in (up to 80kHz extension)Bass Warm Harman TuningBeautif..
Brand: Sound Rhyme Model: DTE900
Sound Rhyme DTE900 4EST+ 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones IEMs with SwitchesDescriptionDesigned based on human ear data 3D big data, the perspective of science in the ear, medical grade resin, skin friendly materials, comfortable to wear.Combining the..
Night Oblivion Butastur Night Oblivion Butastur
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Brand: Night Oblivion Model: Butastur
Night Oblivion Butastur 10BA 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone with SwitchesDescriptionShell material. Using 3D printing technology. Skin friendly material. Use DREVE for glossy paint. Technical physical intake and 110DB balanced pressure relief technology.When Ultra-low frequency is too..
Brand: Penon Model: TURBO
Recommend to burn-in 50~100hrsPenon TURBO 6BA TOTL 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEM with 4 Tuning SwitchesDescriptionNatural pearl shells panels, transparent green resin cavity.6 balanced armature 2Pin 0.78mm in-ear earphone3+1 tuning switches,14 kinds of tuning modes3-way cros..
Brand: SIMGOT Model: EW200
SIMGOT EW200 10mm SCP Diaphragm Dual-Magnetic-Circuit & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver In-Ear EarphoneDescriptionEW200, Chinese code name "Zhenlong". Take the meaning of " innovation and ingenuity". Since the listing of the flagship EA2000, SIMGOT Technology has begun to plan to decontrol th..
ISN Audio NEO 5 ISN Audio NEO 5
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Brand: ISN Audio Model: NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMS DescriptionISN Audio NEO series, different tuning styleHandmade, durable and solid.Semi-transparent purple shellMedical grade resin material, light&n..
Brand: Sound Rhyme Model: SR7
Sound Rhyme SR7 1DD+6BA Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones IEMs withTuning SwitchesDescription Driver configuration 1 x 9.2mm dynamic driver+ 4 x Sonion Balanced Armature 26U + 2 x Knowles Balanced Armature 335183D printing..
Brand: DUNU Model: SA6 MK2
DUNU SA6 MK2 6BA MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEM with Tuing Switch DescriptionSA6 MK2 compare with SA6 ULTRA & SA6, more differences1. Greatly improved the high frequency response to obtain more high frequency details and more natural sound field performance. At the same time, th..
Brand: Hisenior Model: Mega5P
Hisenior Mega5P 4BA+1DD Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile IEM HiFi In-ear EarphoneHighlight10mm dynamic + 4 balanced armature (4 ways)10Hz-22kHzSuper smooth cohesion from bass to trebleNew ergonomic black shell with marbled faceplateSoundBassy warm Harman tuningBeautiful male and female vocalNatur..
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