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Brand: Rose Technics Model: BR7EZA
Rose BR7EZA 7BA Flagship HiFi Audiophile MMCX  In-ear Earphone DescriptionBR-7EZA flagship 7BA Earphone, loose and naturalComfortable on-ear wearing experience, excellent ergonomic design, bring excellent use experienceConstantly adjust the design by using the ear canal of more than 100..
Brand: EARNiNE Model: EN2J
EARNiNE EN2J 2BA HiFi In-ear EarphoneDescriptionThe housing part adopted stainless steel material used for luxury watches. It realizes gorgeous and clear sound unique of high-grade material, while it is a universal model, it has excellent fitting feeling and relieves fatigue feeling during long..
$213.60 $267.00
Brand: EARNiNE Model: EN1J
EARNiNE EN1J 1BA HiFi In-ear EarphoneDescriptionAdopt own developed full arrange balanced armature driverSucceeded in development by repeatedly failing and challenging for about two years by the in-house development team. Full range BA is a basic model of EARNiNE that covers broadband.Adopt twi..
$84.00 $105.00
Brand: EARNiNE Model: EN120
EARNiNE EN120 1BA High Fidelity In-ear EarphoneDescriptionClear sound of full-range BA driver which is developed independently and produced High-level bass of tight and plentiful soundEARNiNE traditional plug.This plug keeps the case attached to the smartphone, in order not to get in the way by..
$63.20 $79.00
Brand: Oriolus Model: Mellianus
Oriolus Mellianus 10 Balanced Armature Driver 2-pin Detachable Audiophile In-ear EarphoneDescriptionThe continuing of Mini Audio tuningOriolus Mellianus is 10 drivers and 3 frequency division in-ear balanced earphone10 drivers and 3 frequency divisionOriolus Mellianus uses a unique 10 d..
Brand: Rose Technics Model: Mini6PRO
Rose Mini6PRO 6BA HiFi Audiophile MMCX In-ear Earphone IEMs Specification Mini series flagship IEM Brand: rose technics Model: mini6pro Driver: 6 balanced armature (Knowles swfk-31736 for treble, Rose custom rs-2m for mids, Sonion 26ua005 for bass ) Sensitivity: 10..
Brand: LZ HiFI Model: Big Dipper
LZ Big Dipper 7BA Audiophile 2Pin 0.78mm HIFI In-Ear Earphone IEMs with 3 Tuning SwitchesCustomize colors  will take about 2 weeks .Pls leave us a note about the color you like . Or contact us whenever you have any questions . Description:              &nbs..
Brand: Paiaudio Model: MR4
Paiaudio MR4 Quad Knowles Banlanced Armature 4BA HiFi  In-Ear Earphones IEMsSpecification 4 Knowles & Sonion original drivers  High-middle frequency speaker & middle-low-frequency speaker  Top-level tuner's work 4. Distortion degree:28-35dB Frequency :..
$269.10 $299.00
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