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TFZ TEQUILA PRO Diamond Diaphragm HiFi 2-pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone Description TEQUILA PRO It is a work of TFZ brand that has been upgraded for three years. It is a new generation of ultra-high-definition resolution reference earphones, which not only strengthens the overall quality presentat..
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Brand: TANSIO MIRAI Model: Akiba
TANSIO MIRAI Akiba 7BA + 4EST Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs with Tuning Switches Description 2BA for ultra-low frequency 2BA for low frequency 2BA for middle frequency 1BA for high frequency 4 electrostatic for high frequency4-way crossover, 4 channel designSpe..
$1,395.00 $1,550.00
ISN Audio G4 ISN Audio G4
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Brand: ISN Audio Model: G4
ISN Audio G4 OCC Graphene Silver-plated + OCC Graphene Gold Paint Hybrid HiFi Audiophile IEM cableDescription Type-6 Litz configurationEnvironmental protection transparent PVC sheathAluminum CNC alloy&nb..
$99.50 $199.00
Brand: ikko Model: ITX01
IKKO ITX01 4K 60Hz Type-C Docking Station with 4.4mm/3.5mm Interface for Laptop/iPad/PC/Android DescriptionApple MI is fully compatible10Gbps high-speed transmission4K@60Hz video output100W PD quick-charge3.5mm/4.4mm Hi-Res certificationTen interfaces in oneSD card interfaceTF card interfa..
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ACMEE Magic Sound 4 768K ACMEE Magic Sound 4 768K
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Brand: ACMEE Audio Model: 768K/32Bit
ACMEE Magic Sound 4 AK4493EQ 768K/32Bit USB DAC HiFi Portable Type-C to 3.5mm/4.4mm Headphone Amplifier DescriptionDark blue color Magic Sound 4, simple and pure.The Magic Sound 4 amp inherits the exquisite sandblasting workmanship and dark blue of the MF02S. The appearance design echoes and inh..
Brand: BQEYZ Model: C12
BQEYZ Autumn 2Pin 0.78mm 4 Strands Single Crystal Copper + Silver-plated Mixed HiFi Earphone Replacement Cable Description 4 strands of silver-plated copper + single crystal copper mixed Treble is clear and not harsh, and the bass elasticity is improved.Planetary twisted wire structure. 250D fibe..
$41.65 $49.00
Brand: FiiO Model: FH9
FiiO FH9 6 Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi IEMs Audiophile In-ear EarphoneDescription 1 dynamic 6 balanced armature driver design2nd gen DLC diaphragm bass driverCustom 6 Knowles BA setupTitanium alloy constructionSemi-open acoustic designStainless steel angled MMCX con..
Brand: SpinFit Model: CP100+
SpinFit CP100+ CP100 Plus 4.5-5.5mm Patented High Quality Silicone Eartips for In-ear Earphone(2 Pairs)DescriptionCP100+ product target customer groupHigh-end wired earphones audiophilesProfessional musiciansDesign details +SpinFit patented ring joint structureISO10993 medical grade silic..
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Brand: BQEYZ Model: Autumn
BQEYZ Autumn Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-Ear EarphonesDescriptionAt present, there are tuning single HIFI earphones on the market. You may have seen the physical tuning of the nozzle, the electronic tuning of the panel, etc., which are time-consuming, and the difference may not ..
$159.20 $199.00
iBasso DC05 iBasso DC05
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Brand: iBasso Model: DC05
iBasso DC05 Dual ES9219C DSD256 32bit/384kHz Android USB Type-C to 3.5mm Headphone Amplifier Decode Cable Description Continuation of dual DAC design, ES9219C x 2Support MQA 16X expansion93mW@32Ω, 140mW@16ΩSNR 121dB, THD+N -105Db3.5mm stereo interfaceContinuing the dual DAC architecture,..
Brand: ikko Model: OH2
ikko OH2 Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone Description Ergonomic designOval nozzleSuper high comfortTransparent panel windowUltra-low resistance FPCReduce distortionHigher transmission rate32Ω deposited carbon Nano dynamic unitEnhance the penetration of treble, the resolution of ..
$67.15 $79.00
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Brand: Penon Model: SERIAL
Recommend to burn-in 200hrsBecause it's stabilized wood panel, it's possible that the stripes and colors of the wood panel you received will be differentPENON SERIAL Triple Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile In-Ear MonitorsDescriptionMedical grade resin cavity, light and beautiful..
$269.10 $299.00
TFZ COCO Bluetooth Cable TFZ COCO Bluetooth Cable
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Brand: TFZ Model: COCO
TFZ COCO Ultra-Clear 2pin 0.78mm APT-X HiFi Bluetooth 5.1 Earphone CableDescriptionCOCO Ultra HD series supports APTX and ATTX- HD audio codec formatsCOCO distortion as low as one-thousandth which driven by Qualcomm QCC3034 chip.COCO ultra-cle..
Brand: TFZ Model: T2 Pro
TFZ T2 Pro Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Earphone IEMsOptions:T2PRO 1 pair Earphone (Only 2 sides earphones, no cable)T2PRO + Audiophile Cable (3 strands gold-plated + silver-plated + high-purity copper mixed cable )T2PRO + T2 PRO AIR BT Cable (Gray) T2PRO + T2 PRO AIR BT Cable (..
$27.92 $34.90
Brand: Astrotec Model: limited Edition
Astrotec Lyra Nature Limited Edition Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Audiophile Earbuds EarphonesDescription Natural soundSpecial filter module technology, effectively suppress the refraction of sound waves.ComfortEar guide, comfortable wearing.6N OCC cable8 strands, 128 cores, high purity 6N OCC cab..
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Brand: FiiO Model: BTR5 2021
FIIO BTR5 2021 CSR8675 Dual DAC ES9219C AptXLL Portable Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver HiFi Headphone AmplifierDescription Flagship portable high-fidelity Bluetooth amplifierHigh-performance DAC ES9219C*2Qualcomm CSR8675XMOSXUF208 USBMQA support3.5mm + 2.5mm headphone outsFiiO Musi..
Brand: DUNU Model: Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro ECLIPSE Dynamic Driver DLC Composite Diaphragm MMCX Audiophile HiFi In-ear EarphonesDescription FALCON PRO flagship acoustic peak craftsmanshipPolymer flexible independent suspensionThe new generation of DLC composite diaphragm1.6T magnetic flux density speaker magnetic circ..
ISN Audio H50 ISN Audio H50
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Brand: ISN Audio Model: H50
ISN Audio H50 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile IEMS DescriptionHandmade resin shell, based on 3D big data of the human ear, fit to your ears comfortable 5 drivers hybrid earphone, Custom 4 Balanced Armature and 10mm dynamic driver hybrid.HiFi 8 shares single crystal copper sil..
$265.50 $295.00