Mr.moose 27/10/2022

The H30 is all about the midrange, too me. That in and of itself doesn't take away from the treble or bass. But if you were at a Head-Fi meet-up and going through IEMs in a fast paced listening session, people faces would light-up and they would take the H30 out of their ears to expound on the mids! It's just that the mids...that's where the glory is, where the H30 bird takes flight and soars. This does not mean you have to be a midrange-head to fall in love with the H30. It's just some IEMs have their "soul" located in the lower thrusters, and the H30 makes music by coercing the mids out to play. A bounce in rock songs that is fully connected to this midrange magic.

David 24/10/2022

The balanced tuning of the H30 leans more neutral in its tuning vs their prior IEMs such as the H40 or the EST50. Actually is the most neutrally balanced IEM for ISN. The EST50 arguably has the most coloration for its tuning while the new H30 turns out to be the least colored out of the bunch. Its got a moderate yet spacious stage for ISN IEMs. Its technicalities are better than what the price would indicate. Details and imaging in space are both standouts for the H30. The surprising factor is that these being more moderate in balancing and its emphasis for the 3 regions of sound. Its moderate bass infusion brings a clean clear treble to mid range presentation on the H30.