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ISN Audio EST50

ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
ISN Audio EST50
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: ISN Audio
  • Model: EST50
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ISN Audio EST50 Flagship 2 EST + 2 BA+ 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMS


Brand:ISN Audio

Model: EST50

2 Sonion Electrostatic driver for ultra-high frequency

1BA Knowles for high frequency

1BA Sonion for middle frequency

10mm dynamic for bass

Rated input power: 2mW

Max input power: 3mW

Impedance: 18ohm±10%(@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 100±3dB(@1kHz)

Frequency response: 15Hz-70kHz

Connector: 2Pin 0.78mm

Plug: 3.5mm audio , 2.5mm balanced , 4.4mm balanced

Cable length: 1.2M


ISN EST50 earphone


18 months warranty

szore 31/10/2022

This is an impressive IEM with a rich, bold sound. It does all 3 bands great; bass, mids and highs are all excellent, plus there is 3d imaging and soundstage. I burned mine in 300+ hours before the bass finally settled. I feel the EST50 punches way above it'e price point. Easy to drive but also loves power. Treble is rich with micro dynamincs, also great body and extension but non fatiguing. The mids are rich and layered and the bass thumps deep and hard with great layering and rumble. There is also great coherency. Highly recommended.

Alexandros 10/08/2022

I want to die with these in my ears....... ..
A dream beyond this world.....
That's what EST50s are to me...
A TOTL monitor with astonishing sound..
The sweetest thing I have heard in my life... .

Gregory 06/07/2022

Upon arriving on Bass Island you will find exotic charms only found at this single location. Such a brew is heavy and intoxicating. Your ideas of sound reproduction may be challenged, even coerced, yet you will like it! Maybe? While the ISN EST50 may not be the best single IEM you own, it could be? It’s a personal judgment call if this style of fun is the fun you want to play everyday 24/7. Still there would be no stoping you if this was your choice. The Rock-n-Roll chops that it regularly provides take you to a special place.............far from home. It’s questionable if there is even a way home after this visit? The EST50's build and look is absolutely beautiful. Such swirls and sparklers offer never-ending amusement. The fit is fantastic, the S8 cable is in-fact 100%, the real deal.

Full review :

Deepak 08/02/2022

ISN AUDIO EST50, is just superb, for its performance....Clean and Punchy bass, clear Mids, non-fatiguing treble. I enjoy it a lot.
Thank you again.

Dsnuts 16/10/2021

The EST50 is a compelling product. I can clearly tell what the designers of the EST50 are going for. It is more than just one aspect of the design that shine on the EST50. You are really getting all of it. They are more than just catering to bass enthusiasts it is catering to mids fans and capped off with a complete treble that has high quality and extension capped off by a large immersive stage. It is personal audio with a no holds barred sound signature. Yes it is a colored tuning but I bet your earphones will sound boring after hearing the EST50s. The big question is. Are the EST50s a true upgrade on the previous H40? Not only are they a true upgrade. These will be an upgrade to many earphones that are hovering around this price range. Especially if you love your bold full bodied sound.

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