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ISN Audio H30

ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
ISN Audio H30
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: ISN Audio
  • Model: H30
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ISN Audio H30 2 Balanced Armature +1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Monitor IEMs


Brand: ISN Audio

Model: H30

Stabilized wood blue-violet panel

3D printing resin, medical grade resin cavity, light and beautiful, comfortable to wear

2 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic driver hybrid

1 9.2mm beryllium frosted diaphragm dynamic driver for low frequency

1 Sonion BA for middle frequency

1 Knowles BA for high frequency

Impedance: 18ohm

Sensitivity: 112dB

Frequency response: 20-20kHz

Connector: MMCX

Plug: Gold-plated

Cable length: 1.2M


ISN H30 earphone



baskingshark 06/09/2023

The H30 is a solid hybrid offering in the competitive $100ish market. It brings to the table robust build, splendid accessories, good isolation and easy drivability. Additionally, its balanced and smooth fatigue-free sonics should be a sight for sore eyes - or rather a balm for sore ears. Timbre is more than decent, considering this IEM packs 2 BAs in the midrange and treble. In essence, the H30 is a musical IEM that contains a fair amount of technical chops, with up-to-scratch timbre and a balanced U-shaped soundscape. Definitely a hybrid to be considered in the conversation, and still competitive against some new upstarts.

Ichos 26/05/2023

The ISN H30 has an even, reference - critical tuning with great tonal balance and sound homogeneity. Well extended and linear bass response, Sub-bass extension is more than enough for most kinds of music. The neutrally tuned bass is exceptionally fast, tight and controlled with good timing and excellent inner definition, you can hear every last note of every last instrument without a single trace of masking. The highs greatly balance between prompt extension and smoothness. The sound is airy and resolving with good detail retrieval. The ISN H30 feels at home with all kinds of music and ensemble sizes but it really excels with more medium forces and shines with vocal recitals.

Akira 08/03/2023

The ISN Audio H30 has a resonant, rich midrange and an immersive sound. They are quite attractive listening IEMs for listeners who value the spatiality with which music resonates. The overall balance is also close to neutral and well-defined, and no shortage of detail or subtlety can be detected. However, they are not the first choice, at least not for audiophiles who value transparency, especially in the midrange.

Full review in Japanese :

In English:

Leonarfd 21/02/2023

ISN H30, best Hybrid around $100 mark? For me it is.

H30 is a hybrid IEM with 1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armatures.
The low end is slightly elevated with excellent sub bass extension. Mids have a natural amount of presence, voices and instruments are represented very naturally and is perhaps the best part of the H30.

Upper mids and lower treble region has some extra energy making music more engaging.
For upper treble it's detailed and has a good amount of air.
Imaging and soundstage, especially considering the price is excellent.

If you're sensitive to the 5000-7000 Hz region I would rather get the Penon Fan 2 with its similar tuning that is more refined and high end.

So if you're looking for a new hybrid IEM that's energetic and fun with W signature, the $129 is a steal.

NymPHONOmaniac 11/01/2023

I would call the tonality as being Smooth neutral to gentle L shape with slightly boosted bass with warm round punch, lean but very present mid-range, and extra treble snap and crispness.
These are aimed at audiophiles that enjoy smooth balance with gently neutral tonality.
The effortless musicality that the H30 delivers is addictive in the long run and offers fatigue-free immersive.
If you seek a hybrid IEM without the flaw of balanced armature timbre that can often sound artificial or metallic, the H30 delivers a very natural mid-range that presents vocals lushly and appealingly.

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