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ISN Audio H50

ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
ISN Audio H50
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: ISN Audio
  • Model: H50
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ISN Audio H50 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile IEMS


Handmade resin shell, based on 3D big data of the human ear, fit to your ears comfortable

5 drivers hybrid earphone, Custom 4 Balanced Armature and 10mm dynamic driver hybrid.

HiFi 8 shares single crystal copper silver-plated cable, single share is 19 cores, a total of 8 × 19.


Brand: ISN Audio 

Model: H50

Driver: 4 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic driver

2BA for high frequency + 2BA for middle frequency

10MM composite diaphragm Dynamic for low frequency

Stainless steel nozzle

3 channels 3-way crossover

Impedance: 25ohm

Sensitivity: 108dB

Frequency response: 20-20kHz

Connector: MMCX

Cable: OCC Silver-plated

Plug: Gold-plated

Cable length: 1.2M


ISN H50 earphone


18 months warranty

Kingnubian 07/06/2023

The ISN Audio H50 is a very good iem. It has so many obvious strengths and very few weaknesses.
It has that “secret sauce” or uncanny ability in the midrange to mold itself to any track regardless of genre. This really enhances the ease at which the H50 can pull the listener in making it more about pure musical enjoyment.
Priced at just under $300usd the ISN Audio H50 is not without some very worthy competitors. Still, it is more than worthy to be on the shortlist of anyone looking to purchase an iem in that price range and even above.

ToneDeafMonk 13/04/2023

The ISN H50 plays back music in a very unique way. The set has a bit of a relaxed upper midrange making the vocals play back a bit neutral to laid back , while staying crystal clear and natural. Some might hear this as a darker / warmer replay but after spending a considerable amount of time with the H50 I would say Its just a unique way of tuning.and not dark at all. Is a easy to listen to IEM, Its not going to blast your eardrums out with its overpowering bass, not will it make you totally focus on the vocals. You wont hear sibilance nor will the H50 blast you with ear piercing treble.

Redcarmoose 08/09/2022

The ISN H50 fits everyone, offers a well rounded sound signature that plays all file qualities, all genres and works with all sources. Not only does it work, it turns your music into an emotionally involving experience. Such an experience is filled with excitement and fun. If you’re only looking for relaxation, the ISN H50 has your back there too, offering musicality at low volumes as well as forgiveness if you decide to crank-it. In all my reviews, in the many IEMs I’ve investigated, the H50 comes out near the very top.

ALEXANDROS 25/04/2022

An absolute perfect all rounder with great sub bass rumble and Soundstage / imaging /resolution that has nothing to envy from any kilobuck TOTL monitor
To me ISN AUDIO engineers really surpassed them selves on this one...
A must have...............

Dsnuts 24/03/2022

The tuning on the new H50 is more of a balanced W shaped Fr tuning which is a bit of a departure from the more balanced V shaped tuning of the H40. The three high points in the sound design are its subbass, a mild upper mids emphasis and an upper treble emphasis all 3 points playing an equal role on how the sound was tuned and how they sound. The advantages of using a dynamic here goes without saying. The new composite dynamic handles a highly capable bass end of the H50 to be what ISN has been known for. Its outstanding bass presentation adding to this, the advantages of BA precision, stage, detail, imaging, sound separation and you get an ideal hybrid in the H50s.

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