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ISN Audio NEO 5

ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: ISN Audio
  • Model: NEO 5
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ISN Audio NEO 5 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMS


ISN Audio NEO series, different tuning style

Handmade, durable and solid.

Semi-transparent purple shell

Medical grade resin material, light and beautiful, comfortable to wear.

5 drivers hybrid earphone, 10mm diaphragm dynamic driver with 4 Knowles BA hybrid.

S4 cable:

Material: Single Crystal Copper Sliver-plated

Number of cores: 4 strands, single strand is 63 cores, a total of 252 cores


Brand:ISN Audio

Model: Neo 5

Driver: 4 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic driver hybrid

x Knowles BA for high frequency

x Knowles BA fo middle frequency

1 x 10 mm diaphragm dynamic driver for low frequency

Material: resin

Impedance: 26 Ω @1khz

Sensitivity: 110 ± 3dB @1khz

Frequency response: 10-20kHz

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Cable length: 1.2M


ISN NEO 5 earphone


18 months warranty

Old Frog 17/01/2024

The ISN NEO 5 was my introduction to the PENON range of products. Led by many positive reviews and coupled with the 'right price' at the right time, I jumped in. Long story short, it has been a great journey aurally and just the ownership of such precision designed and constructed posessions gives pleasure beyond just the in-ears experience. I have since acquired, and enjoy, the 10th Anniversary and QUATTRO IEMs as well as 'BASS," H2 and S2 cables.

That quality combined with PENON's communications, quick delivery and support gives me confidence in my decision to acquire such delights, and will keep me a regular visitor to PENON.

Hector Ruiz 10/01/2024

Engaging, visceral, bassy slam while still preserving enough detail to not fall into the usual dumpster of cheap/muddy audio for the masses (e.g., Skullcandy, Beats, etc.).

This is the only IEM that has made me turn off the XBass on my iFi Gryphon for being a bit too intense for my eardrums, though I eventually enabled it at a lower volume.

This IEM is very well-suited for warm/relaxed instrumental listening while working, when I want the music to envelope me in a cozy bubble w/o distracting me w/ an overwhelming amount of fatigue-inducing nor piercing detail.

The comfort and light weight are perfect for my ears, and they essentially disappear before too long, which adds to their appeal for listening while I work.

Ichos 04/01/2024

The ISN NEO 5 is a comfortable and well made earphone with an agreeable tuning that has plenty of bass and an easy going nature that makes it suitable for everyday listening of most kinds of music. It would not be my first choice for listening to classical music or jazz but it is really superb for electronic, rock and pop songs where it sounds very engaging and enjoyable with an inherent vibe.

Bosk 19/10/2023

The Neo5 deliver a bouncy, energetic L-shaped sound with superb dynamics and epic amounts of bass. The Neo5s are all about the bass - it will grab your attention through sheer volume, but the rest of the frequency spectrum feels impressively unaffected. It is unashamedly elevated far beyond neutral, and despite not being the fastest I've heard is definitely not the slowest - this isn't bass that struggles to catch up with the rest of the music, nor is there any lack of cohesion because one driver is working out of sync with the others. Dynamics are superb, which is a real strength of the Neo5s - this is a quality I value extremely highly.

Nikolaus Matheis 28/09/2023

Bought this after watching reviews from Akros and Tonedeafmonk and wasn't disappointed. SOUND: Luscious bass, warm lower mids, slightly recessed mids, nicely balanced upper mids and highs with enough energy to satisfy but well below the level where I'd find them fatiguing. Great for classic rock, electronic, and metal (with the exception technical metal where something leaner/faster would be better). FIT: Absolutely no complaints on the fit.
AESTHETICS: I love the purple faceplates and shells but don't mind the ISN logo nor the font they used for NEO 5. ACCESSORIES: Nice cable, good tips, and a pocketable case. OVERALL: While not my daily drivers, they are a very enjoyable pair that I listen to when I'm in the mood to kick back and submerge myself in a high quality "guilty pleasure" type sound signature.

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