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ISN Audio

Brand: ISN Audio Model: T-OCC
ISN Audio T-OCC 2 Shares Triple Copper Hybrid 2Pin Audiophile IEM Earphone Cable Specification Brand:ISN AUDIO Model: T-OCC 3 kinds of copper combination, 3 kinds of diameters 2 shares, 181 cores per share Outer diameter is 2.5 , 18AWG wire 98 cores 0.08 frozen single crys..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: C8
ISN AUDIO C8 8 Strands 19 Core OCC IEM Cable Earphone Replacement CableDescriptionBrand:ISN AUDIO Model:C8 Material: OCC wire , consist of 8 strands 19 cores , 1 core is 0.08mm . Connector : 2pin 0.78mm / MMCXPlug :2.5mm balanced /4.4mm balanced / 3.5mm audio gold-plated ..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: NEO 3
ISN Audio NEO 3 1 Planar Driver + 2 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMSDescriptionISN Audio NEO series, different tuning styleMedical grade resin material, light and beautiful, co..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: NEO 1
ISN AUDIO NEO 1 Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone IEM DescriptionLight and beautiful, comfortable to wear, no strange feeling in contact with the skin.Stabilized wood panel, brown&..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: CSO2
ISN AUDIO CSO2 2 Shares Copper Silver Alloy & OFC Audiophile IEM CableDescriptionCopper silver alloy + OFC IEM cable2 shares, single share is 20 cores, a total of 2 × 20Single core copper silver alloy diameter is 0.08mmSingle core oxygen free copper diameter is 0.06mmPVC skin..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: NEO 5
ISN Audio NEO 5 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMS DescriptionISN Audio NEO series, different tuning styleHandmade, durable and solid.Semi-transparent purple shellMedical grade resin material, light&n..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: H8Plus
ISN Audio H8Plus 8 Strands OCC & Sliver-plated Mixed Braided HiFi Audiophile IEM Cable with 3-in-1 Modular PlugsDescription Continuously optimize knitting methods, tightness and direction. Not only have the softness like skin, still reduce the mutual interference of conductor piece effectively..
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Brand: ISN Audio Model: H2
ISN Audio H2 2 Shares 6N+ OCC & Silver-plated OCC Hybrid HiFi Earphone IEM Replacement Cable with 3 Detachable PlugsSpecificationBrand: ISN AudioModel: H2Cable material: 6N+ OCC & silver-plated OCC hybridCable Cores: 2 shares 72 cores, the wire&nbs..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: S2
ISN Audio S2 2 Shares 6N+ OCC Silver-plated HiFi Earphone IEM Replacement Cable with 3 Detachable PlugsSpecificationBrand: ISN AudioModel: S2Cable material: 6N+ OCC silver-platedCable Cores: 2 shares ,each share is 72 cores, a total of 2 x 72 The wire&nbs..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: C2
ISN Audio C2 2 Shares 6N+ OCC HiFi Earphone IEM Replacement Cable with 3 Detachable PlugsSpecificationISN C2Brand: ISN AudioModel: C2Cable material: 6N+ OCCCable Cores: 2 shares 72 cores, the wire core is 0.08 Accessory..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: H30
ISN Audio H30 2 Balanced Armature +1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Monitor IEMs Description Brand: ISN AudioModel: H30Stabilized wood blue-violet panel3D printing resin, medical grade resin cavity, light and beautiful, comfortable to wear2 Balanced Armature + 1 ..
ISN-Audio ISN-Audio
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Brand: ISN Audio Model: G4
ISN Audio G4 OCC Graphene Silver-plated + OCC Graphene Gold Paint Hybrid HiFi Audiophile IEM cableDescription Type-6 Litz configurationEnvironmental protection transparent PVC sheathAluminum CNC alloy&nb..
$99.50 $199.00
Brand: ISN Audio Model: H50
ISN Audio H50 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile IEMS DescriptionHandmade resin shell, based on 3D big data of the human ear, fit to your ears comfortable 5 drivers hybrid earphone, Custom 4 Balanced Armature and 10mm dynamic driver hybrid.HiFi 8 shares single crystal copper sil..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: EST50
ISN Audio EST50 Flagship 2 EST + 2 BA+ 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMS SpecificationBrand:ISN AudioModel: EST50 2 Sonion Electrostatic driver for ultra-high frequency1BA Knowles for high frequency1BA Sonion&n..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: SOLAR
ISN Audio SOLAR Flagship Audiophile IEM Cable HiFi Earphone Cable with 3-in-1 Detachable PlugsDescriptionGold&silver oil immersion cable technology,soaked in mineral oil for 20 days and dried at ..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: GS4
ISN Audio GS4 OCC 18K Gold-plated & OCC Silver-plated Mixed HiFi Audiophile IEM Earphone CableSpecificationBrand: ISN AudioModel: GS44 Shares, single share is 45 cores 18K OCC gold-plated & OCC silver-p..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: GD4
ISN Audio GD4 Single Crystal Copper 18K Gold-plated HiFi Audiophile IEM CableSpecificationBrand: ISN AudioModel: GD44 shares, single share contains 45 cores18K OCC gold-plated Litz cableEnvironmental protection transparent&n..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: D02
ISN AUDIO D02 Dynamic Driver MMCX Audiophile In-ear earphone IEM with Tuning SwitchDescriptionMedical grade resin material, 3D printing technologyLight and beautiful, comfortable to wear, no strange ..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: GC4
ISN Audio GC4 Single crystal copper Pure gold-plated HiFi Audiophile IEM CableDescriptionSingle crystal copper gold-plated conductor, the wire body is soft and smooth, without knottingHand-woven, durableC..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: Rambo II
ISN Audio Rambo II Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi EarbudMMCX Detachable Design14mm high resolution full frequency driverDescription Smooth BASS with good dive.  Middle frequency has emotional human voice.  High frequency has air&n..
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