iTinker M16A

M16A 24-bit / 192 kHz CS4398 K3188 Intelligent Smart Wi-Fi Audiophile Lossless Music Player


DAC Chip: CS4398

4.7 inches Sharp large screen

8 hours battery life

128GB TF expansion

1GB of memory

8GB ROM capacity

White Screen: gold rose gold, silver-gray

Black Screen: gold rose gold, silver-gray

Back: Material: Imported aviation aluminum alloy

Hardcore high-end smart chip

To create top quality

M16A CIRRUS LOGIC Company’s flagship DAC chip. The decoder chip for high-end desktop HIFI products, HIFI enthusiasts Hall level recommended products

The CS4398 is a complete stereo 24bit / 192 kHz digital-to-analog (D / A) conversion system. Head-clear audio conversion, can achieve 120 dB dynamic range and 0. 0005% total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD + N).

Support 24bit conversion, the sampling frequency up to 192 kHz (DVD-Audio)

24bit architecture

190 kHz high frequency

120 dB CS4398

Running fast and low power

Powerful quad-core master RK318

1.4GHz quad-core

A9 chip clock speed

60% lower power consumption than 45 Nano LPSoC

55% performance improvement over 45 Nano LPSoC

M16A uses the core chip Rock chip K3188,

The chip clocked at l.4GHz, using a quad-core Cortex-A9 core

Powerful battery cooling power

Exclusive heat treatment, continuous music is not hot

Imported graphite / thermal layer through the screen for uniform heat release

Asbestos / soaking layer to prevent the original heat of the circuit board is too high

Battery / 3000 mAh battery close to the back shell, heat a strong

Thermal Layer

Imported soft graphite sheet, the circuit board through the screen for uniform heat release.

Uniform thermal layer

The use of chemical tests uniform heating of the asbestos material to prevent the battery easy to heat the original circuit board is too high, resulting in reduced service life.

3000mAh battery

Battery close to the back light, heat a strong, greater power, play longer.

Thinner and lighter than the common portable hifi player

Body thickness of 13.5 mm, body weight of only 196g

Multi-touch display, 4.7-inch

The button on the right is (power on / lock screen)

The bottom three buttons are (Previous), (Play / Pause) and (Next)

Simple button control in one hand

One button on the left is (screen lock) and (volume adjustment)

Front and rear panel edges are designed with a smooth bevel

Grip the fuselage when more fitting your palm

Listen to the sea music App debut

A professional for the M16A to create APP

Interface simple and fresh, more harmonious

M16A Android audio part of the depth of customization

Built-in listen to the sea player to play lossless audio more professional

Support DSD64 native output and DSD to PCM conversion output, support CUE file browsing. User-friendly UE logic, the real habit for the fans to consider, the traditional player interface can also be freely selected to play the track, the progress bar to promote smooth and accurate. In the playback interface on the left there are equalizer, favorites, play order selection and custom songs and other functions of the rapid selection.

M16A supports not only the favorite audio format WAV, FLAC, APE, ALAC, WMA, MP3, OGG formats, but also supports higher specification DXD, DSD (DSD64 / 128) PCM audio formats, and support to 384KHz / 64bit

M16A more interesting games are played

WIFI Playing Online Bluetooth Playing Cloud Playing OLNA Playing NAS Playing

Built-in wifi device, a key search available wifi, no need to install other firmware also supports multi-network playback, support for cloud playback, support for DLNA playback, support for NAS playback (Click on the picture to the next page)


Appearance color: gold, rose gold, silver gray (black / white screen)

Display: Sharp IPS high-resolution hard screen, 4.7 inch resolution 720 * 1280 PPI

Material: imported aviation aluminum alloy

Dimensions and weight: height 136mm, width 66mm, thickness 13.5mm weight 196g

Memory and capacity: Run the memory RAM: 1GB

Body memory (ROM): 8GB (4.4GB available to users)

External storage: Micro SD (TF card), the maximum support 126GB expansion

Processor: strong quad-core master PK3188

Chip: CIRRUS LOGIC's flagship DAC chip

Firmware Upgrade: Supported

Firmware upgrade via TF card (recommended storage upgrade)

Audio support: Audio formats: WAV, FLAC, A PE, A LAC, AIFF, WMA. MP3, OGG

Support higher specification DXD, DSD (DSD64 / 128)

PCM lossless audio format, can support up to 384 KHz / 64bit

Battery and power: built-in 300OmAh polymer lithium battery

About 8 hours battery life (life time to test the test as the base, the actual use will be different)

5V / 1A charger charging about 3 hours, 5V / 1A charger charging about 2 hours, 5V / 2A charger charging about 1.5 hours

Key: Left: Lock (HOLD), Volume up (VOL +), Volume down(VOL -)

Right: Power on/off (PRE), Play/Pause (PALY/PAUSE), Next (NEXT) Support one-hand operation,

Wireless connection: Wi-Fi online play

Bluetooth support

Data transfer USB2.0 (Type-C interface, support positive and negative plug)

Music Play: Support folder playback, all the file playback, the album, according to the artist to play, I like to play and the playlist to play

Play mode: sequential play, random play, single cycle, all cycles

Song management: support for local song delete, support custom I like, support for playlists, support for batch addition and deletion, support for folder deletion, support for Bluetooth transmission, support for Wi-Fi transmission

Music management: Android 4.4 systems

EQ adjustment: 10 sections of professional

Webcast: support for cloud playback, Dropbox, Dina, NAS (follow-up firmware update support)

Audio Channel Balance and Channel: Balanced stereo, stereo

Support: Music information, line control function, seamless function, song search, power memory

Output interface 3.5mm headphone port, SPDIF fiber port (software on)

Hardware solution: DAC: CS4398 LPF: OPA1612A AMP: TPA612O


M16A player

USB cable 

Type-C adapter


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