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Kinera Baldr

Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
Kinera Baldr
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  • Brand: KINERA
  • Model: Baldr
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Kinera Baldr 4 EST + 2BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Earphone IEMs


US Knowles compound dual balanced armature driver

Equipped with Knowles composite balanced armature customize driver, which enhances the vocal and provides high resolution, distinct layers. Infinitely close to pure sound, offer you a full detailed sound experience.

Sonion treble electrostatic driver

Selecting Sonion EST65QB02 electrostatic driver, it can show richer music details and beautiful transparent sound performance. The change of technology brings the easy drive of the electrostatic driver. The four electrostatic driver weighs is only 148g, with built-in micro-transformer, the driver can reach more than 70KHz undetectable by human ears.

Smooth extension allows you to listen to more details.

3 layer PU + high-poly fiber + titanium plated composite diaphragm presents more realistic sound. The dynamic driver uses strong magnetic micro dynamic and the motivation is N52 high magnetic flux ring magnetic steel, 3 layer PU + high polymer fiber + titanium plated composite diaphragm, PU mixed material improves bass, high polymer fiber enhances the tension of sound field, titanium Strengthen the resolution and mellow vocals. HD sound is anytime &everywhere for you.

Professional Cross-over, make it correctly for bass, mid and treble

Acoustic cross-over design, with perfect connection of dynamic, balanced armature and electrostatic drivers, makes the smooth curve. Based on monitor-level tuning with4 EST drivers, Baldr has a very high resolution, can highly support pop, vocals and other music. The frequency response range is from 5Hz to 40KHz.

Kinera knows what you want, a variety of cables and adapters

Baldr has detachable 0.78mm 2-pin 3.5mm and 2.5mm cables, 2.5 to 4.4extension cable. Cables are 5N OCC gold plated, 196 Cores, and each core is with 49 0.06mm OCC plated with gold. The outer skin is comfortable, soft, transparent and environmentally friendly with golden luster, 4-core cross- twist braided, gold plated copper plug, which effectively reduce the distortion and sound quality loss caused by the signal transmission process. Make the sound more transparent, better sound quality, high fidelity sound quality, achieve a wider sound field, hear richer details. At the same time, an adapter (pure copper gold plated) 3.5to 6.35 and an aircraft plug (made of aluminum alloy, nice and durable, strong anti-interference ability) convenient to use the earphone during flight.

Shell is wood of oak, Danish god of light will light up your heart

The oak is regarded as a symbol of Baldr due to its tough personality. The Baldr cavity is made of oak with the best quality among oaks. With 16 special processes and has a stable quality that does not deform, crack or dis-color. Each IEM has a unique natural wood grain appearance, just as there are no two identical leaves in the world.

Under strict QC system, Baldr is an excellent partner for your ears

Hundreds and thousands of tests, to make sure it is a perfect IEM for you only.

Big break-through in structure, small body could have great energy

Breaking through the structure limit, 7 drivers are built into such a compact cavity. Drivers are parallel placed, which can effectively use the cavity space and solve sound connection.

Focus on comfortable wearing

The wearing design is ergonomic and comfortable, which isolates external sounds. Tested strictly by artisan, Baldr is what you like. It is comfort-able and firm every time you wear it.

Surprise you with unexpected accessories

Apart from cables and adapters, Baldr also provides 11 sets of eartips, including 5 sets of Final eartips in different sizes. Users can choose the size of the eartips according to his request, so that could enjoy music. In addition, Baldr also comes with a premium storage box that is widely loved by users. Its surface uses the best quality cowhide with good texture and the interior has soft and comfortable suede materials and micro fibers. A removable high-grade strap can be adjusted anytime to make sure Baldr is always in good condition.


Driver Combination: 4 EST+ 1DD +2BA

Interface: 0.78 2pin

Rated power: 3mW

Impedance: 22ohm

Wear type: In-ear

Sensitivity: 109±2 dB

Frequency response range: 5Hz-40KHz

Plug: 35 mm

Cable length: 1.2 m


Kinera Baldr


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