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Kinera Norn

Kinera Norn - Norn

Kinera Norn 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs


1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature driver drivers in-ear earphones

Titanium-plated dome PU composite high poly fiber diaphragm

Front cavity three tubes physical frequency division

Rear cavity mirror reflection structure

2pin 0.78mm detachable cable design

Straight interchangeable audio plug

Collective edition hand-painted artwork production

Fine selection of raw materials

Cutting-edge acoustic technology application

The deep collision of acoustic art and visual art

7mm external magnetic circuit top-level dynamic driver

N52 ring neodymium iron boron strong magnet, 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux, Japan Daikoku pure copper voice coil

Titanium-plated dome PU composite high poly fiber suspension diaphragm

For the selection of the diaphragm, we have go through multiple tests and researches, and finally determined the scheme of the titanium-plated dome PU composite high-poly fiber suspension diaphragm. The high-poly fiber has the characteristics of strong rigidity and makes the sound transmission more uniformity. It also provides strong protection and support for the diaphragm structure.

The PU diaphragm is full of elasticity, providing a deep dive depth for low frequencies. The titanium plating process makes the sound rigidity strengthened, the tone is transparent and clear, and the overall sound performance has a heavy metal feeling.

Alloy copper silver-plated cable

Material: alloy copper silver-plated

Wire diameter: single 0.05mm

Single pole: 26AWG, FBS 22AWG

Outer cover: PVC

Number of cores: single strand of 24 cores, 8 strands hand-woven, in total 192 cores

The imported 26AWG coaxial wire is used as the conductor, the outer insulation protection material is PVC, and the inside of the cable is 8 strands of 192 cores alloy copper silver-plated.

The whole adopts manual spiral weaving, the length of single strand base is 1.25m, and the length of finished product is 1.2m. The main cable is 75cm long and the branch cable is 45cm long.


Physical frequency division of three tubes in front cavity: each driver of the three-frequency sound outlet hole does not interfere with each other. The three-frequency sound outlet hole of high, middle and low sound outlet tube which is very difficult to process is designed independently. Through the reasonable design driver installation position and the length of the sound tube, accurate frequency division and adjustment to ensure the smooth connection of three frequencies.

Mirror reflection structure of the rear cavity: the smooth panel at the bottom of the rear cavity makes the sound mirror reflection, so that the sound can be transmitted more quickly and smoothly, avoiding the loss and delay caused by diffuse reflection.

Tuning design

Based on the understanding of Norn, destiny is sometimes high-pitched and sometimes quiet, sometimes wild and sometimes gentle, so the Kinera tuner is always devoted to the pursuit of analysis, clear positioning, high-frequency extension, low-frequency impact, big sound field and sweet voice.

At low frequency, Kinera use a 7mm strong magnetic micro-dynamic independently developed by kinera. The driving force is N52 high magnetic flux toroidal magnetic steel, and the diaphragm is a composite of three interlayers, PU + high poly fiber + titanium composite. Among them, PU mixed material can improve low frequency diving, high poly fiber helps to increase the tension of the sound field, and titanium plating can strengthen the resolution, so that the driver has high-definition quality.

The mid-frequency is 2 Knowles special composite version RAF-32873, which can bring high vocal density and increase the thickness of vocals. It makes the vocals sweet and emotional, making it easy to indulge in music.

The combination of four balanced armature gives Norn a gorgeous high-frequency extension and can make the positioning of the instruments very clear. Each instrument in the orchestra makes Norn very suitable for large-scale symphonies. Ensure that the high-quality sound source is highly restored.

Background story

The three destined girls in Norse Mythogy are collectively called Norn. They are not affiliated with the gods, nor are they colleagues, but only agents of orlog. The duty of the three goddesses of fate is to warn the gods of future sins, order the gods to grasp the present, and tell the gods to use past experiences. The verdict of the Nons is something God must obey. They determine the fate of the gods and the fate of mankind, but they themselves cannot escape the fateful arrangements of fate.

Rift of fate

According to Asgard’s legend, the network of destiny connects one end to a very high mountain and one end to a deep sea. Those lucky enough to see it will find that this network is like an abyss filled with flowing magma, constantly exchanging bright red colour. Therefore, the designer of Kinera used a bright red like magma. The woven network extends from the cover to the bottom of the IEM so as to cover most of the IEM, just like the network of fate connects from the mountains to the deep sea. The rolling red magma bloomed out of the earphone cavity like a crack, as if to swallow everything.

The future in destiny is unknowable, just like the girls in Norn, who always hides their faces so that people have never seen them face up. The looming white clouds on the surface of the cavity cover the abyss of destiny with a mysterious veil, expressing the unknowable mystery of the future.


Model: Norn

Driver: 7mm strong magnetic micro-dynamic + 2 Knowles RAF-32873 + Kinera custom composite balanced armature

Impedance: 32Ω

Rated power: 3mW

Dynamic distortion: 3%(1kHz, 100dB SPL)

Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz

Cable length: 1.2m(detachable)

Plug: 2.5mm

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm


Kinera Norn


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