KZ IEM Upgrade Cable

KZ IEM Upgrade Cable - 2-pin 0.75mm

KZ 2 Pin 0.75mm Silver-Plated Upgrade Cable Audiophile for KZ ZS3 ZS4 ZS5 ZST ZSR ES3 ZS6 ED12


Pure Silver-Plated core, completely hand-woven

  • Sound delicate and natural, full and mellow, female voice is very expressive, smooth and delicate, excellent resolution, low-frequency detail and sound field clarity, transparency, etc. is quite outstanding
  • Single-strand 25 cores, the main cable 4 shares 100 core, professional silver-plated audiophile wire.

Instantly enhance headphone sound quality

  • Enhance headset resolution power, enhance the high-frequency extended performance, and improve the background purity.

3 to 4 times lower impedance than traditional wire

  • Impedance of a single cable is 0.25Ω, finished cable impedance is 0.4Ω, and traditional headphone wire impedance is 2-3Ω

0.75MM standard gold-plated pin

  • Metal wire metal lining can be adjusted according to their ear arcs to the appropriate shape to ensure that wear solid and comfortable
  • Extended earphone life

KZ 2 Pin 0.75mm Braided Silver-Plated HiFi Earphone Upgrade Cable for KZ ZS3 ZS4 ZS5 ZST ZSR ES3 ZS6 ED12


HiFi may be high profile

  • Real silver-plated core, pure hand-woven and professional silver-plated earphone wire material, is a logo and symbol for every audiophile.

Silver-plated upgrade cable features

  • The sound is delicate and natural, full and mellow, female vocal expression detailed, smooth and delicate, adequate resolution, mid and low frequency details, line sense and soundstage clarity, transparency, like the real sense of quite outstanding.

Real stuff

  • Compared with the traditional silver-plated, real material can be seen.

Kevlar fiber, tensile and durable

  • Kevlar fiber from the bullet-proof material, wear-resistant than ordinary materials, have a longer service life.

Instantly enhance earphone sound quality

  • Improve the music resolution, enhance high-frequency ductility, and upgrade purity.

Specialized features

The cable lined metal memory wire can be adjusted to the suitable shape according to the arc of their own auricle, to ensure stable and comfortable to wear.

Compatible Earphone models

  • One type applies to ZS3 / ZS4 / ZS5 / ZS6
  • One type applies to ZST / ZSR / ES3 / ED12

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