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Luxury & Precision LP5 32bit Lossless DSD Music Player

Suggested retail price :Gold (64G) USD1190  , Silver (32G) USD835


  • LP’S engineers to write their own software systems, which including the decoding of all files formats and all, so that the performance is maximized, the system is minimized.
  • Completely uncompromising  on the product architecture,  entirely including the creation of I2S width of 32BIT native 24 192 USB sound card chip

  • Adjust the volume by independent volume potentiometer,rather than to attenuate the number of bits of DAC to ensure the small volume, the audio output also excellent
  • Multiple language selectable: Simplified Chinese ,English , Italian ,France ,Pulaski , Spanish ,Portugal Netherlands Russian Svencks

  • Front shell are aluminum-lithium alloy forged + CNC
  • The differemce between GOLD one and SILVER one :
  • Appearance
  • GOLD : champagne + rosewood (64G RAM)
  • SILVER: Silver + red shadow wood (32G RAM)
  • Capacitance:
  • GOLD :high frequency part Polythioether SMD film capacitors
  • SILVER : high-frequency part of the Murata C0G MLCC
  • Crystal Oscillator:
  • GOLD :Ultra Low Phase Noise XO is lower than 160 dB 0.3 picosecond jitter
  • SILVER: 1.5 picoseconds TCXO
  • Inductance:
  • GOLD :Analog portion uses alloy inductors 4.7UF 4040 can be over 4A current
  • SILVER: Analog portion uses Taiyo Yuden fully enclosed inductors 4.7UH 4040  resistance is less than 100 mOhm
  • Op-amp:
  • GOLD :1812O Double Crown op amp
  • SILVER: 1812O single crown op amp
  • Capacity:


  • True 32BIT player
  • 24BIT 192KHZ USB native soundcard
  • THD is 0.0015% when driving 32 ohm headphones
  • DAC: AK4414, sound reduction particularly accurate, digital flavor is not strong, 4414 was a wonderful work ,it’s a four-channel DAC, but the SNR (stereo when 123 dB) THD 107DB is a DAC which is the highest in overall performance in AKM
  • The world's lowest internal resistance ADI ADP1614 power chip resistance 50 mOhm within
  • 6 layer 3U Immersion Gold PCB
  • ALPS PRO AUDIO series potentiometer
  • 1812 A single crown amp chip
  • Digital part Murata X7R MLCC
  • Digital part Taiyo Yuden ultrahigh current fully enclosed magnetic inductor
  • 6.3 3U Immersion Gold headset seat
  • 3.5 3U Immersion Gold closed headphone seat LINE OUT
  • Power filtering section Murata X7S 100UF MLCC can be over 6 to 8A current ESR is  about 2 milliohms
  • Pure brass electromagnetic shield
  • ALPS 50 million times long life touching button


  • LP5 music player
  • USB cable
  • 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter


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