Luxury&Precision L4

Luxury&Precision L4 - L4

Luxury&Precision L4 32GB CS43198DAC Portable HiFi Walkman Lossless Music Player


Pure and quiet

  • No noise analog sound, L4 HIFI music player

Dual CIRRUS new flagship CS43198DAC professional HIFI version

  • QFN package, enhanced large pad, more stable sound, better thermal and better performance version

Designed for earbuds

  • Output adapts to various earbuds, easy to drive
  • Small and portable, the good companion of earbud.

Challenge test instrument range

  • -130db signal-to-noise ratio, THD+N 0.00056% @ PO 32ohm load, create new height!

Especially optimized for low impedance high sensitivity earphones

  • ANDROMEDA earphones all cannot hear low noise, total harmonic distortion is 0.00078% at 16 ohm load

Non-public version which is designed for good sound

  • Complete DAC -> buffer -> amplifier signal chain architecture, achieve high performance while maintaining a good sense of hearing.

High-end configuration

  • Silver-tantalum capacitor is same with L6 series, a PSRR of up to 100 dB LDO, and a high conversion rate bipolar op amp with noise below 1.2 nV/√ Hz.

Native support 32/384

  • A higher sampling rate means more detail and supports a variety of HD audio formats, which are with good sound and convenience.
  • Six professional filters, adjustable phase, high and low gain, good news for patients with difficult choices of earphones.

FPGA aid high precision clock

  • Lower jitter, better S/PDIF output quality, good partner


  • Model: L4
  • Size: 113.8×61×15.4
  • Display: 3.5 inches, IPS screen, OGS structure, resolution 480×320
  • Body material: 6 series aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Rear cover: carbon fiber
  • Master control: 1812C
  • DAC: Cirrus Iogic CS43198 32bit decoding chip
  • Crystal: Ultra low phase noise – 155db active crystal
  • Op amp: Ultra Low Noise Slew rate > 100V/uS
  • Headphone Amp: Big current Slew rate>50V/uS
  • Coprocessor: ICE40LP1K-QN84
  • Power Management Chip: AXP192
  • PCB: 6 layers 3U immersion gold matte black
  • Inductance: low internal resistance, big current, power inductor
  • Analog Circuit Filter Capacitor: Silver tantalum capacitor
  • Capacity: 32GB 34 BIT ECC FLASH
  • Extended capacity: 256GB micro SD card (TF)
  • Use charger specifications: DC voltage input range 4.8-5.2v, power adapter maximum output current is recommended to use 1.5A and above adapter
  • Battery type: lithium battery
  • Life time: 11h (under the situation of which turn off screen normal volume and broadcast non-high bit rate file single-end output)

Setting parameters

  • Compatible headphone impedance: 4-300 Ohm (300ohm headphone need to balance output can be better to drive
  • EQ adjustment: 6 kinds of style adjustment
  • HP output: 2-level gain adjustment
  • Dop SPDIF: support
  • Digital filter settings: 6 filter modes
  • Output phase setting: 0° / 180°
  • USB connection mode: MSC mode / Audio mode
  • USB DAC: Current firmware supports up to 96kHz/16bit
  • USB Audio delay setting: long time delay mode / short time delay mode
  • USB power supply setting: USB power mode / self-power mode
  • DSD decoding settings: native DSD mode / DSD to PCM mode (in order to adapt, only support the decoder of D2P)

Line output part performance parameters

  • Distortion plus noise: < 0.0003%
  • Signal to noise ratio: >128db (single-end)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz +/-0.5db
  • Channel separation: >95db 10Kload
  • Output level: 1.73Vrms

Headphone output part performance parameters

  • Output power 1: Single-end 131mW 16ohm, balance 490mW 16ohm
  • Output power 2: Single-end 78mW 32ohm, balance 300mW 32ohm
  • Output power 3: Single-end 9.6mW 300ohm, balance 39mW 300ohm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz +/-0.5db
  • Signal to noise ratio: >130db (balance), >127db (single-end)
  • Output impedance: Single-end 3.3ohm, balance 6.6ohm
  • Sound separation: >110db 32Ω load (balance), >68db 32Ω load (single-end headphone output)
  • Distortion plus noise: <0.0006%
  • Output voltage: Single-end 1.75Vrms, balance 3.5Vrms
  • Maximum output current: 300mA 8ohm
  • Support audio format: APE, AAC, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, DFF, DSF, AIFF, SACD-ISO
  • Audio connector: 3.3mm earphone connector, 3.5mm line out (LO) connector / 3.5mm coaxial digital output connector, 2.5mm balanced earphone connector, USB connector (data mode / USB DAC mode)


  • Luxury&Precision L4
  • Data Cable
  • Pouch
  • Protective film


  • Will ship via DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX
  • It is required to put your phone number on the parcel, please leave me your contact number when you pay

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