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Moondrop Blessing2

Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
Moondrop Blessing2
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  • Brand: Moondrop
  • Model: Blessing2
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Moondrop Blessing2 4BA+ Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2PIN 0.78mm  HiFi In-ear Earphone


One dynamic and four balanced armature configuration: three-way crossover

The physical band-pass filtering and low-pass filtering of the sound duct structure relying on 3D printing to form a hybrid three-crossover structure is divided by the RC power frequency division. The Knowles SWFK high-frequency balanced armature driver is responsible for the high frequency, and a pair of exclusive custom intermediate frequency drivers are used as the intermediate frequency (for VDSF Target Frequency Response), and a 10mm dynamic driver with a paper cone composite diaphragm is responsible for the low frequency. It presents the transparent sound of deep bass, precise medium and sweet treble.

A scientifically valid and uncontrived driver configuration

In the multi-driver hybrid earphones, one dynamic and four balanced armature configuration is considered to be a defferent amazing that makes efficient use of the acoustic characteristics of the dynamic and the balanced armature driver. Unlike the blind stacking number, the configuration of Blessing2 is simple, reasonable and efficient. A custom full-frequency composite balanced armature driver is responsible for the intermediate frequency, and the 500-8000Hz frequency band that meets the VDSF Target Response is used in conjunction with the circuit and filtering. The quality and dynamic density are guaranteed; the high-frequency part is low distortion and excellent The high-frequency bandwidth of the US Knowles SWFK series of composite high-frequency drivers matches the sensitivity of the intermediate frequency to effectively complement the bandwidth (the number of headphones with stacked drivers is usually counterproductive), and the low-frequency response is applied, and the quality indicators are much higher than various low-frequency balanced armature driver.

3D printed high-precision physical filtering sound duct structure

Blessing2's frequency division scheme includes physical bandpass filtering and low-pass filtering. Bandpass filtering is used to adjust the response range of the low-frequency dynamic driver and intermediate-frequency driver. Low-pass filtering is used to limit the Q value of the intermediate-frequency driver and the high-frequency driver. It involves a simple and effective architecture but a complex structure, but the complex sound tube structure needs to undergo a lot of experiments and modifications, and has considerable accuracy requirements to achieve the ideal index.

Working with leader-Class 3D Printing Suppliers

In order to accurately realize the complex physical filtering internal structure of Blessing2 and avoid the acoustic structure error caused by the accuracy defect, an ultra-high-precision 3D printing process is required. To this end, we cooperate with the well-known 3D printing supplier Haige Technology to apply its mature high-precision DLP-3D printing technology and use the imported medical grade UV resin is used to produce a complex structure cavity with high precision, high transparency, high hardness, accurate details and high reliability.

Precision CNC stainless steel cover

The cover of Blessing2 is made of medical-grade stainless steel through precision CNC cutting and engraving. The surface is made of wire drawing, and the 3D printed transparent shell forms a work of art with rich industrial beauty.

One side cover of Blessing2 is engraved with the Blessing2 logo by laser, while the other side cover retains the unpatterned stainless steel brushed texture.

Why do this? The brushed stainless steel has high adhesion, and users can perform various DIY on it to show their unique personality. Not only that, users can also be creative to do various things on it, such as radium carving ... you can even use it to polish your nails.

Hybrid earphones connection problem? Non-existent full-band phase is highly consistent

Based on the previous generation of products, the "physical filtering + RC filtering" hybrid three-crossover architecture designed after repeated experiments has ensured a high degree of phase consistency across the entire frequency band while reasonably allocating working frequency bands for different drivers, eliminating multi-driver frequency division Frequent connection problems.

Sweet treble, precise midium, deep bass, not only transparent, but also restored

The advantage brought by the "physical filtering + RC filtering" hybrid three-crossover architecture lies in precisely controlling the response of each driver, allowing each driver’s respond, and allowing each driver to play an ideal level in its operating frequency band, thereby achieving compliance The VDSF Target Response's amplitude response indicator shows Blessing2 the sound quality that can accurately restore the information contained in the recording.


Model: Blessing2

Driver driver: 1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature 3-way crossover

Treble driver: Knowles SWFK

Medium driver: Softears D-MID-A

Bass driver: 10mm paper cone diaphragm dynamic

Cavity craft: Imported medical resin 3D printing

Impedance: 22Ω@1kHz(±15%)

Frequency response: 9-37kHz(1/4 inch Free field microphone, -3dB)

Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz(IEC60318-4)

Sensitivity: 117dB/Vrms@1kHz



Blessing2 earphone

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