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Moondrop KXXS

Moondrop KXXS - KXXS

Moondrop KXXS Diamond-Like Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Flagship 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-Ear Earphone IEMs


Adjust the sound to the most incisive diamond-like diaphragm dynamic in-ear earphone

KXXS was originally an improvement project of Kanas Pro Edition. In the process of redesigning again and again, we found that this project had great potential, so we put this project as a priority development. It was not until the engineering machine of KXXS, which was originally used as the flagship dynamic in-ear, was rubbed on the ground by the engineering machine of "Amadeus" project after several improvements in design and adjustment, that KXXS was redefined as the flagship dynamic in-ear for development. After this, the progress of KXXS project can be described as a surprise, which has achieved a breakthrough improvement in indicators and listening sense, achieving unprecedented sound quality performance.

Due to the improvement project of Kanas Pro Edition, KXXS seems to have a lot of shadow of the former, but in fact, the substantial improvement of sound quality, KXXS also redesigned a more comfortable and more beautiful appearance, and greatly improved the level of mold and manufacturing technology, which is a completely remold product.

Brand new industrial design

Although there are some shadows of Kanas Pro Edition on KXXS, it is a brand new design. Whether it is the overall wearing, the expression of light and shadow, or the details of joints, the treatment of tube port, or the matching of colors, it is different from the past. The design of KXXS expresses a more rigid and gentle aesthetics, which increases the changeable aesthetic feeling and is an art of light.

Art of light

Light is the art of variety, the medium through which all things beautiful, magnificent, ornate are expressed. Light can illuminate the world, but also can illuminate the human heart.

Here, light allows the monotony of silver to show a gorgeous texture.

Precision mirror die process and exquisite manual polishing and electroplating process

KXXS used the precision is much higher than previous precision mirror mold manufacturing, let just from the molding with the embryo of the material can have comparable five-axis CNC cutting and high precision, and then after a CNC after molding processing will be even more fine details, and then through a more detailed manual polishing, electroplating processing automation, UV surface coating processing, finishing KXXS this magnificent and delicate shells.

Diamond-like diaphragm dynamic driver with airflow equalization control inner cavity
Dynamic driver of the KXXS has an airflow-balanced internal cavity that is separately opened by two main air pressure control positions behind the diaphragm and guided to the same small volume inner cavity by a damper. To control the airflow more balanced, reduce the excessive tooth sound generated by the vibration of harmful hearing and improve the working efficiency of the diaphragm.

Diamond-like Carbon diaphragm

It is an amorphous film that is structurally close to diamonds and has a diamond-like nature. It has a high Young's modulus (high hardness) close to the diamond and a lower driver mass than the diamond, which is very beneficial for the dynamic diaphragm to reduce the split vibration of the dynamic diaphragm to improve the high frequency response.

The breakthrough of sound quality of KXXS lies in the full play of Diamond-like diaphragm performance. It not only relies on high-quality Diamond-like coating to bring high frequency width far beyond the "hi-res" standard, but also relies on the substrate material with high damping coefficient to achieve excellent transient response.

Virtual diffusion sound field (VDSF) technology

Virtual diffusion sound field is a concept we put forward in the development of earbuds and earphones. The goal is to realize the sound field and tone expressed by the master tape recording.

VDSF includes a variety of technical applications, including Target Response based on the performance of B&HATS's HRTF function in the frequency domain in the Diffusion field, and ultra-low-band response optimization for the micro-sound vibration area and physical. Improve the reduction of the diffused sound field faced by the micro-speaker to the master monitor.

New high quality original cable, can be detachable

KXXS is equipped with new high-quality silver-plated cable, which has been processed by Lifz and is 8μm thick silver-plated oxy-free copper cable, which not only can better transmit signals, but also has higher corrosion resistance than ordinary silver-plated cable.

Even if you don't like the sound quality or appearance of the original cable, or if your cable is damaged, you can easily replace it with a removable 0.78-2pin connector.


Diaphragm material:  Diamond-Like-Carbon & PEEK

Coil: φ0.035mm-CCAWDaikoku

Cavity:  Zn-Al alloy, die-casting, fine carving, polishing, electroplating

Transducer: φ10mmelectrodynamic type transducer

Frequency response: 10-80000Hzfree-field, 1/4inch MIC

Effective frequency: 20-20000Hz (IEC60318-4)

Impedance:  32Ω (@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 100dB (@1kHz)

Quality control scope: ±1dB

CableLifz silver-plated 4N-OFC with 0.78-2pin and 3.5mm plug


Moondrop KXXS

6 pairs of silicone eartips

Carry case

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