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Moxpad X90 Dual Dynamic Stereo Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Sport In-ear Earphone


Never falls out

Sweat proof

For sports activities may be a lot of sweat, X90 selection sweatband and durable material designed to allow you don’t worry about sports sweating and enjoy music.

HiFi Bluetooth earphone

Professional double dynamic driver,V4.1 wireless blutooth headset, diamond cutting shape,

unparalleled elegant appearance

Double dynamic

Diamond cutting

Sweat proof

4.1 Bluetooth

Drive by wire

Innovation, So fearless

No battery compared to ordinary small 20% earplugs earplugs

Light weight than ordinary earplugs 50%

Small size than ordinary earplugs 20%

The earplug and separation technology 0 radiation

Professional design

X90 comfortable user experience, ear plug size by 800 people using the test feedback

Dual quad-core dynamic

9MM+7MM dual dynamic separation type acoustic cavity, Nano biological membrane unit will have a fever music to Bluetooth earphone

   Built-in dual dynamic import microbial membrane and low dive deeper, resilient, more sophisticated analytical,if vocal full, emotional high frequency is more beautiful, better scalability and dynamic rapid Ling Li.

X90 uses a separate mechanical frequency parallel cavity structure design, make the sound in low frequency or high frequency, and are better than the conventional headset, through a variety of innovative breakthroughs, reflection, changing the sound absorption. Amplification and other substances to sound equilibrium dynamic speaker playback, tracsparent higher resolution, more broad sound field, For more details, Bluetooth headset in a rare musical ear plugs.

Four Speaker

High cost performance

X90 is equipped with 4 speakers double moving coil. Bass has a sense of sound pressure, flexibility is very good. High frequency soft. Alto voice reduction clearly and accurately, a sense of space, rich details

Hanging ear design, comfortable to wear

Ergonomic hanging design, fit ear, effectively reduce the headset pressure sense, more comfortable to wear

Powerful technology

Imported MTK smart chips, enhance the quality of the transimition of sound quality, distance to enhance the percentage of 50

Diamond cut design, stable cavity structure

Classic Diamond cut design, highlighting its own luxurious, polycarbonate and glass mixed housing, stable cavity structure, can effectively reduce the cavity of the negative effects of sound quality, bring better sound performance

No battery plugs

We in design X90 headphones, after 180 days of market survey found traditional Bluetooth headset is battery put in earplugs inside directly, will greatly increase the ear weight, not only affects the wearing comfort, and interferes with sound quality. So we designers use the design of battery plugs, and a built-in 9mm+7mm double dynamic vibration membrane unit,greatly improve Bluetooth earphones sound!

Humanized design

Headset close to the auricle, wear comfortable, effective noise isolation. Unique memory wire hanging ear, you can freely adjust, have good shape function, not easy to fall

Twertrock technology

X90 Bluetooth sports headphones have TWERTROCK locking system, the user only needs to be slightly rotated in the ear after wearing the headset, it can be fixed and not easy to fall

Reina Wire

We care about the details of each potential impact sound quality, so we use a custom audiophile headphone wire, wire tough and flexible, through the pressure test, the rated voltage test swing testing, tensile testing, and the pursuit of higher quality performance, to bring you more pure sound.

Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth 4.1 high-speed CPU operation, operating experience to bring stability, is fully compatible with IOS, Android, Microsoft system

Wire control

Bluetooth 4.1 high clear, a key to answer, song, the volume of key switch. The integration of multi-functional wire.

Three steps are paired

In Bluetooth shutdowm state, long press the answer key, red and blue lights flashing, boot normally

Open the phone, search the Bluetooth devices, find the Bluetooth device name is X90

To search after X90, after matching links, can be implemented to speak, to listen to music

VC 6.0 Efficient Denoising

In noisy environments, the device can effectively filter outside noise, you can achieve a normal conversation

Professional and technical team function has not imaged

HD, Imported antenna, Strong signal, Voice prompts, Wear comfortable, HD voice calls, Switch songs, Diamond-cutting,

Intelligent noise reduction, Imported batteries, Fully compatible, Battery indicator, Import MIC, Quality earmuffs

99% compatible with the mainstream brands and digital products

Tablet computers, mobile phones and other digital devices

Compatible with all types of APP

We chat, KuGou Music, QQ music, shrimp, TTPOD,etc

10 years of professional tuner customized solutions

Professional mixer 6, during the 18 months for you to create

Rigorous testing

Test X90 by microbial membrane, low dive deeper, resilient, if vocal fill, high frequency is more bright beautiful, audio performance very well.


  • Driver: 9MM+7MM dual dynamic
  • Transmission range: 15 meters
  • Function: music, voice control, phone call, NFC function, Battery indicator, multipoint connection
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Track: stereo
  • Method of use: ear hang



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