ONN X5 24bit/192KHz Pocket  HiFi MP3 Music Player


  • Only for small minority, the sound of Heaven.
  • The Ultimate flagship HiFi music player
  • Mastering grade 24bit lossless audio player
  • MicroSD
  • High quality all-metal body design
  • 24bit/192KHz
  • Dual ARM Cortex-M3 core
  • 2.0 inch TFT/176*220 PIXEL

HIFI remarkable sound quality

  • X5 is compatible with WAV, FLAC, ALAC, APE, OGG lossless. It also supports high definition music formats like 24bit/192KHz.

High Fidelity sound

  • HiFi-level circuit design and material selection and power management IC design full of potential audio decoder chip, which makes the signal to noise ratio reached 100dB, distortion rate is less than ten thousandths, the impedance of the 16-55 Ω headphones.

High quality sound

  • Smart identification intelligent recognition system, only to adapt to the impedance headphones impedance automatically detect the inserted headphones, impedance and match the corresponding output power, to avoid the impact of the risk of the headset.

High resolution

  • Higher resolution of the subtle sonic details has demonstrated more clearly than ordinary MP3 and cell phone.
  • Originality of the artwork 15 months of research and devotion into the groundbreaking design offers near perfect reproduction of live music.

Meticulously crafted and quality-checked by hand

  • With high quality tantalum capacitors from AVX,JRC volume control IC to make the world of sound.

Support music format

  • FLAC: (Level0,level1, level2, level3, level4, level5, level6,level7,level8)(16bit,24bit) 192KHz, max9.6Mbps
  • APE: C1000(fast),C2000(Normal) C3000(High), C4000( Extra high), C5000(Insane)(16bit,24bit) 96KHz, max9.6Mbps
  • ALAC:16BIT,24BIT,192khZ, max9.6Mbps
  • WAV:PCM(8bit,16bit,24bit,32bit)MS-ADPCM(4bit)IMA-ADPCM(3bit,4bit) 192KHz
  • WMA: CR VBR 5KBPS-320KBPS, 48KHz
  • Mp3:CBR VBR 8KBPS-320KBPS,48KHz
  • OGG: Support
  • Mp2: Support


  • Model:X5
  • Memory: 8GB,TF X MS 32GB
  • Display:2.0", TFT,176*220P
  • Dimensions:105mm×46mm× 8mm
  • Weight:6g
  • Material: Full metal-in-one
  • CPU: A8 Dual ARM Cortex-M3 core 500MHz

Audio Formats:

  • Audio Formats: APE, FLAC, ALAC,WAV,WMA,OGG,MP3
  • Bit rate:WAV:PCM(8bit,16bit,24bit,32bit)MS-ADPCM(4bit)IMA-ADPCM(3bit,4bit) 192KHz
  • APE C1000(fast),C2000(Normal) C3000(High), C4000( Extra high), C5000(Insane)(16bit,24bit) 96KHz, max9.6Mbps
  • FLAC: (Level0,level1, level2, level3, level4, level5, level6,level7,level8)(16bit,24bit) 192KHz, max9.6Mbps
  • ALAC:16BIT,24BIT,192khZ, max9.6Mbps
  • OGG
  • Lyrics: Internal Code
  • EQ:EQ: Bass, heavy, metal, pop, jazz, unique, user-defined equalizer, normal
  • Equalizer: 7 band EQ adjustment
  • Adjustable band:60 300 1K 3K 6K
  • Unique: Unique sound Optimization

Audio features:

  • Output level: 1V
  • Output impedance:<2Ω(32Ω)
  • Volume:32
  • Frequency:20HZ-20KHZ
  • Distortion plus noise:<0.04%(1KHZ)
  • Channel separation:>68DB(A)
  • Output Power:>32mw(32Ω)
  • SNR:>100DB(A)

FM radio:

  • FM band: 87MHZ-108MHZ
  • Total memory channels:30
  • SNR:80DB


  • Sampling rate:518KBPS(16bit 64KHZ),259KBPS(16bit 32KHZ)
  • NS Noise: NS unique noise reduction algorithm
  • Recording format: WAV


  • Built-in battery: built –in rechargeable polymer battery 600mAh
  • Charging: 5V1A, Micro USB DC

Output interface:

  • Headphone jack:(3.5mm)
  • Headphone impedance:16-55Ω
  • System requirements:windows98/SE/ME/2000/XP/WIN7/WIN8
  • Language: Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese and other 19 languages


  • ONN X5 Music Player
  • USB Cable
  • Leather Case



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