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MusicMaker TONEKING ShockWave III

Out Of Stock MusicMaker TONEKING ShockWave III - ShockWave III

MusicMaker TONEKING ShockWave III 1 Dynamic Driver+4BA Hybrid MMCX Detachable  HiFi  IEMs


Coaxial five-channel technology

1 dynamic +4 balanced armature, 5 drivers each earphone (about a total of 10 drivers)

Dynamic and balanced armature driver coaxial display, sound density, acoustic positioning reduction is better, five-channel Coaxial, two-channel low-frequency, one channel high frequency, one channel mids, one channel ultra-high frequency, the sound reduction is more delicate, Exclusive design and tuning 11mm dynamic driver, large dynamic and excellent transient.

1. Overall sound, bass dive, human voice density, musical instrument analysis, the sense of positioning /level is strong.

2. Dynamic performance is better, better transient performance; overall high sensitivity .

3. Frequency range in the low-frequency dive and high-frequency extension is great. .

Tuning elements

Dynamic driver tuning, earphone tuning, balanced armature driver frequency tuning, dynamic and balanced armature sound pressure balance tuning, electronic frequency division, the physical frequency division. the physical frequency is a very important part ,which is direct related between the natural tri-band convergence, and coaxial is the physical frequency division and electronic crossover perfect integrated acoustic structure

Shockwave III features

Exclusive design custom 11mm big dynamic driver, exclusive speaker tuning + electronic tuning + physical crossover program, tuning the sound, wide sound field, bass dive to strengthen, excellent flexibility, both texture and sense of volume, the human voice density, Analytic positioning, layering, knot-like force are similar to the quality of the earphone; balance revealed in the spring-like melodious as the taste of the water, for different listening preferences of the guests to do the appropriate tuning.

Balanced Armature Driver

The use of high-frequency dual balanced armature driver, and ultra-high frequency dual balanced armature, 30017 compound dual balanced armature driver, which is now balanced armature driver, the analysis and extension of the best high-frequency driver, mostly used in thousand and million Level high-end earplugs do high-frequency driver, Dynamic and balanced armature exploit maximum advantage, must be well done on the frequency, so that its expertise in the high-frequency make up the dynamic high-frequency, and then in the UHF, Dynamic complementary performance, in order to achieve more extreme high frequency extension. the overall quality of low-frequency, intermediate frequency, high-frequency, ultra-high frequency of the whole band delicate convergence, thereby enhancing the overall transient and dynamic super tough response.

Dynamic driver

MrZ with an exclusive design and tuning 11mm dynamic driver , acoustically, in the configuration parameters and tuning similar circumstances, the larger the diameter of the drive driver, the overall performance of the better, Wide, this is not just the size of the case may be, but the driver diaphragm area increased voice, magnetic drive level increased, and enhance the earphone overall sensitivity, including widening the dive and extension, such as low frequency expression, The performance will increase, high-frequency performance, the musical instrument will enhance the sense of light; at the same times, diaphragm diameter increases, the sound will appear soft and open.

Tune the sound chamber

Shock wave III is used aviation titanium zinc alloy CNC voice cavity, to ensure that the sound cavity hardness, sound transmission quality characteristics, but also control the weight of moderate, and wear comfort, Metal texture.

coaxial placement in the phase of reasonable adjustment under the premise of matching, frequency resonance can broaden the bandwidth, making low-frequency dive lower, higher frequency extension, to enhance the sound density, resolution, orientation, delicate.

1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature , 5 driver

Metal sound cavity + 11mm Dynamic+ 2 high-frequency Balanced Armature + 2 extra-high frequency Balanced Armature

Default wire: 6N single crystal silver wire


  • Brand: TONEKING
  • Model: Shock Wave III
  • Sensitivity: 99dB / mW
  • Applicable music types: classical symphony concert type
  • Impedance: 20Ω
  • Frequency response range: 5-40000Hz
  • Plug diameter: 3.5mm
  • Earphone plug type: straight type


  • Shockwave III IEM
  • Carry case
  • eartips
  • Clip

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