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MUSILAND MU2 Black Ver. - Black

Musiland MU2 Black Ver. Type-C to 3.5mm 600ohm 32Bit/384kHz sampling DSD Decoding Headphone Amplifier


Powerful push, within 600ohm

SuperDSP230 audio controller

SuperCLK110 precision dual audio clock

Custom CS43130M decoding chip

The output power of the earphone is 2 x 80mW/32ohm

The earphone output transient current can reach to 300mA

Intelligent impedance and adaptive, supports 1.7V RMS line output

The power consumption of audio playback in all specifications is less than 100mA

Type-C interface, can drive earphone within 600ohm

It does not support microphone and remote control. It is not recommended to use this kind of earphone to avoid abnormal sounds. It does not support receiving and making calls. Some mobile phones can use mobile phones' microphones.

Support all mainstream music play software, support music software global and exclusive functions, because the collection system limits the play software or play software functions have nothing to do with this product.

*MU2 HP-AMP is android type-c interface (android micro USB interface is available for OTG transfer, and iPhone with camera kit is available). Most mobile phones will automatically convert to MU2 online devices to play (mobile phones need to have OTG function).Some mobile phones need to manually turn on the OTG function, which is determined by the Settings of the mobile phone system.

* supports almost all mainstream music playback software (basically global software).Exclusive or DSD playback requires special music playback software. Whether it can be global or exclusive depends on the phone and the phone system itself, as well as the playback software and system compatibility.

Noise reduction, 4 level gain, volume memory save

4 gain adjustment to effectively reduce the sound quality loss caused by digital volume when matching earbuds and earphones with different impedance and sensitivity.

The SuperCLK100 produces high precision dual audio clocks at 44.1 and 48 multiples, and reduces random phase noise jitter to below 2ps.

*MU2 HP-AMP does not have any analog output port

The output of sound through MU2 HP-AMP is all independently decoded and amplified by itself. The MU2 HP-AMP does not and cannot convert output the analog audio signal of the phone in any form.

* The host matching with different playback software

The different sound quality performance heard on the MU2 hp-amp is due to the sampling rate conversion supported by different mobile phones or playback software and sent to the USB audio device, has nothing to do with MU2.

Small body, high performance

Support 32Bit/384kHz sampling DSD hardware decoding

SuperDSP230 audio control platform

SuperCLK100 high precision audio clock management

Custom CS43130M DAC

Engineers with more than ten years of audio research and development experience, in a small space complete combination of complementary.


Connect to the computer as external USB sound card

Connect it to the computer with USB adapter (the computer has type-c interface and can be used directly). Plug and play it as USB external sound card

*Only the following systems are available:

Windows10 (1703 and above Versions) requires the integration of UAC2.0 drivers


Windows XP/7/8/10 (below 1703 Versions) are not available

High integration MUSILAND SupperDSP230, asynchronous transmission UAC2.0, no SRC

MUSILAND Audio Labs custom CS43130M, decoded and rewritten, and show the music.

MUSILAND SuperCLK110, 44.1/48 multiple precision dual audio clock, more stable timing improvement

Earphone output power is 2*80mW/32ohm, which can drive the earphone within 600ohm.

The earphone output transient current can reach to 300mA, power consumption is less than 100mA.

4 level gain adjustment, effective noise reduction for low impedance and high sensitivity earphones

Independent DAC volume adjustment, mobile phone and computer can be adjusted

Support the PCM 32 bit / 384 KHZ

Support DSD64/128 hardware decoding playback

Up to 130dB (SNR) and dynamic rate (DNR)

THD: below -120dB (0.0001%)

The stereo resolution full band is more than 110dB

Shell: Aluminum alloy

Length: 130cm



USB converter

Aluminium case

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