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NF Audio NA1

NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
NF Audio NA1
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  • Brand: NF Audio
  • Model: NA1
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NF Audio NA1 Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile HiFi In-ear Earphone IEMs


Balanced voice coil
The split vibration of the dynamic driver causes distortion, and the unilateral lead of the conventional dynamic driver is an important cause of the imbalance of the diaphragm weight. The MCL2-10 dynamic driver uses bilateral voice coil leads, and the diaphragm quality is more balanced, which effectively reduces distortion and makes the sound more pure.

Tesla double magnetic circuit
Magnetic force is the source of power of the dynamic. The MCL2-10 driver adopts dual magnetic circuit design. Two high-performance rare earth NdFeB magnets provide magnetic flux of more than 1 Tesla, which provides greater driving force, higher sensitivity, better dynamics and transient performance.

Double cavity design
The traditional dynamic driver has only one rear cavity. The MCL2-10 adds an additional rear cavity to the base, which can control the air pressure more precisely, make the diaphragm movement smoother, the sound field is more ambitious, and the sound details are more abundant.

Well-designed 3D driver protective cover
The sound from the diaphragm will be transmitted to the cover for the first time, and the design of the hole of the cover is extremely important. The MCL2-10 adopts a specially designed 3D cover that effectively reduces reflection interference, making the sound more full and the low frequency more abundant.

5-axis CNC aviation aluminum panel + pure copper damping balance system, let each song want a single cycle
The dynamic earphones tuned, the cavity reflection and the air pressure balance of the front and rear cavity are the most important. The back cover is carefully carved by the aviation aluminum through the 5-axis CNC to effectively improve the high-frequency response. At the same time, in order to pursue a more precise air pressure balance effect, NA1 uses two air flow control components made of pure copper to better adjust the air pressure balance of the front and rear cavity, so that the low frequency is full of elasticity, and the medium frequency and high frequency are rich in texture. Let you feel the lines between the vocals and the instruments, so that each song is remote, wide, natural.

Sounds sweet and looks pleasing to the eye
Based on NF Audio's many years of custom earphones manufacturing experience, the NF Audio NA1 is built with the human ear model, which combines an elegant aesthetic appearance with superior acoustic performance for a more comfortable fit. At the same time, the panel reference on the design language of the guitar picks, and conveys the feeling of creating music with the NF Audio brand in a simple.

NA1 is responsible for the ear
The depression of the helix angle, the bulge of the ear canal, the crevice between the tragus and the angle of the ear canal, the size of the inside and outside of the ear cavity, and each tiny detail are for a more hearty listening experience.

NA1 is responsible for beauty
Every line is beautiful and comfortable, and it is exquisite and elegant from any angle.
It's really a masterpiece that you can experience a masterpiece that has never been heard before, ready to immerse yourself in the rich 3D stereo field.

NA1 is responsible for comfort
The design language, scale and contour lines of the new NA1 condense the depth of experience that NF Audio has accumulated in the field of custom earphones for many years.
The NA1 has excellent ergonomics and comfort.

Outstanding craft, invisible craftsmanship

In the age of productivity, we become “heterogeneous” artists. Because NA1 requires a specific internal cavity structure, we use medical grade UV resin 3D printing, and the production is still made by NF Audio Lab engineers with more than 10 years of experience after complex manual processing.

The average time is three times that of similar products. Throughout every detail, it is the ingenuity, with excellent appreciation and unlimited possibilities.

Detachable design makes music more free

Earphones continue to evolve, and there is always a contradiction between sound, convenience and longevity.NF Audio NA1 earphones adopts the design of 2pin 0.78mm, which effectively extends the life of the headset. With NF Audio official accessories, you can switch freely between ordinary earphones, balanced earphones and Bluetooth earphones to better explore the music world.

Noise reduction, keep passionate

Noisy environment, in addition to annoying people, will unconsciously turn up the volume and damage7b the hearing. Scientific research shows that music can only be heard clearly when the volume is 20dB higher than the ambient sound pitch. NA1 provides up to 25dB of passive noise reduction effect to turn the downtown into a bedroom and make the noise become quiet.

Exquisite storage box based on MD design

Beloved earphones need meticulous care, a beautiful, pressure-resistant storage box is essential.

NF Audio storage box, MD design language, high quality PU leather + composite imitation microfiber lining, provide excellent feel and excellent protection. Meanwhile, high strength PC lining is adopted to improve the overall strength. Keep improving attitude, can make the real high-quality goods.


Model: NA1

Driver: double cavity dynamic driver

Frequency response: 9-40kHz

Maximum SPL: 125dB

Sensitivity: 110dB/mW

Distortion: <1%

Impedance: 18Ω

Sound insulation: 25dB

Cable: 2pin 0.78mm 5N silver-plated OFC

Plug: 3.5mm

Dimension: 138*225*50mm

Net weight:330g


NF Audio NA1

Balanced eartips(S/M/L)

Bass eartips(S/M/L)


Storage box


CqTek 22/12/2019

My impression is that the NF Audio NA1 seek precisely extract the best qualities of BA drivers: speed, accuracy, clarity, separation, resolution, detail, richness of nuance … But with a timbre and naturalness, which only good dynamic drivers can provide. And, of course, the typical quality in the lower zone. Even its profile, flees from the classic Harman Target, offering another different and pure alternative. In my humble impression, the NA1 has achieved the best of both technologies, using the classic dynamic driver, but totally improved. In addition, they have designed one of the most versatile IEMS in terms of fit and ergonomics, which I have had the pleasure of testing in their price range. In addition, they are small, excellently constructed, have a careful packaging and an original transport box. There is no doubt that the NA1 are one of the new dynamic alternative kings.

The full review here:

patriot1 27/11/2019

I currently have about 20 earphones ranging in price from $30-400. The NF Audio NA1 rates as my number 1 dynamic iem and rates very close with 3 of my top ba earphones. The bottom end is vivid and snappy with no bleed into the mids. while the mids sound great with male and female singers equally. Last but not least is the treble, which is the best I've heard in any dynamic iem. The treble extends well with lots of air and crispness, without being harsh or sibilant. The build is sturdy, with comfort for me outstanding. The insertion level is deep. At $169 it's a bargain, and of course Penon Audio is great to deal with.

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