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NF Audio NM2+

NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
NF Audio NM2+
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  • Brand: NF Audio
  • Model: NM2+
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NF AUDIO NM2+ Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones


Six major upgrades of NM2+

Sound quality: Upgraded version of the dual magnetic circuit, dual-cavity Circuit tuning dynamic driver, metal reflective cavity, bandwidth up to 9-40kHz, more stable sound, better resolution.

Material: Aircraft Aluminum 5-axis CNC machining, more precise, higher strength, single weigh only 6.1g, non-sense wear, lighter.

Cable: Litz structure 5N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable, up to 280 cores, lower impedance, lower skin effect and proximity effect.

Comfort: The true custom design of the cymbal conchae makes it more comfortable to wear.

Accessories: 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter, balanced eartips *6, low frequency eartips *6

Packaging: Brand-new record type packaging design, standard with beautiful storage bag.

Four characteristics of MC2L-1OII dynamic driver

Integrated tuning circuit

Circuit tuning brings more possibilities to the dynamic. MC2L-1OII uses a higher-precision integrated tuning PCB board, which is more stable and reliable, and has a better tone.

Tesla grade dual magnetic circuit

Magnetism is the power source of the dynamic. The MC2L-1OII driver adopts a dual magnetic circuit design. Two high-performance rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets provide a magnetic flux of more than 1 Tesla, thereby providing greater driving force, higher sensitivity, and more good dynamic and transient performance.

Dual cavity design

The traditional balanced armature driver has only one rear cavity. On this basis, MC2L-1OII adds an additional rear cavity, which can control the air pressure more precisely, so that the diaphragm movement is smoother, the sound field is more grand, and the sound details are richer.

5u polymer composite diaphragm

Different from the popular high-rigidity diaphragms on the market, MC2L-1OII uses a light-weight, medium-rigidity polymer composite diaphragm with good elasticity starting from the sound. With the well-designed texture, lower distortion and better performance of music.

Accuracy and pleasant are the two dimensions of sound. On the basis of understanding the music, the tuning determines whether the sound is accurate, and the material determines whether the sound is attractive. 4 air pressure control damping to better adjust the air pressure balance of the front and rear cavity. Circuit + physical tuning, the frequency response is straightness the dynamic transient performance is more accurate, the sound field is far more realistic, and the bass drum, bass line and harmony direction are accurately restored. Whether EQ, compression, reverberation, or the performance of yourself and your partner on the stage, it can give you a high enough reference value.

The well-designed internal acoustic structure combined with the metal reflective cavity brings more delicate and stable sound performance, full center, more gorgeous high frequency, and elegant tone is all the emotion of music.

NF Audio NM2+ frequency response

All monitoring is to restore the original appearance of music. On the basis of understanding music, the finer the tuning, the more precise the sound. Special methods are used to increase the low frequency below 100Hz to better hear the bass drum, bass line and harmony direction. Circuit + logistics tuning, the frequency response is straightness, the dynamic transient performance is more accurate, and the sound field restore is more realistic. Whether EQ, compression, reverberation, or the performance of yourself and your partner on the stage, it can give you a high enough reference value.

2in 0.78mm transparent silver-plated cable

The impedance capacitance of earphone cable has a significant effect on sound. NM2+ standard Litz structure 5N oxygen-free copper plated silver cable, with 280 cores, lower impedance, lower skin effect and proximity effect, making the sound more detailed, sound field more open, more relaxed tone.

Little blue dot, finishing touch

Only a special little blue dot is needed to give NM2+ a different flavor. The finishing touch in silver.

Comfort & design language

Based on NF Audio's years of experience in custom earphones manufacturing, the NM2+ is built by the human ear model. It has both an elegant aesthetic appearance and outstanding acoustic performance, making it more comfortable to wear. Wearing around the ears makes the movement on the stage more free and convenient and not easy to fall off.

At the same time, the panel draws on the design language of guitar picks, and conveys the NF Audio brand's feelings of creating music in a simple and generous manner.

Responsible for the ears

The depression of the angle of the helix, the uplift of the cymbal conchae, the angle of the notch between the tragus and the ear canal, cavities conchae of a shape with a large inside and a small outside. Every little detail is for a more enjoyable listening experience.

More than 300 wearing experiments, testing and debugging, dazzling craftsmanship, hidden ingenuity, feel the ingenuity of sculpture-level modeling

In the era of productive forces, we become “heterogeneous” artists. Engineers with more than ten years of experience, sculpture-level modeling, more than 300 wearing tests, just to bring better wearing. Looking at every detail is the ingenuity, which contains excellent appreciation and infinite possibilities.

Variable size, unchanged sound quality

NM2+ comes standard with three sizes of soft and flexible silicone eartips, large, medium and small. Choosing the right silicone eartips will fit your ear shape, so that NM2+ will not cause discomfort when worn in the ear.

Female users have smaller ears than male so they can choose small or medium silicone eartips to use with them, which is more close to the ears and more beautiful. At the same time, the balanced set and the low frequency set have two different tones, which can be freely selected according to your preferences for a better listening experience.

Stay away from howling and enjoy the gentle burst

In a noisy environment, in addition to annoying, it will also unconsciously increase the volume and damage hearing. Scientific research has shown that only when the volume of the music is 20dB higher than the ambient pitch, can the details of the music be heard clearly. NF Audio NM2+ provides a passive noise reduction effect of up to 25dB, turning your place into your exclusive stage.

Round elegant storage box

Beloved earphones need careful care, a beautiful, pressure-resistant storage box is essential.NF Audio circular storage box, snowflake lined PU coated polyester + high strength EVA lining, providing excellent feel and protection. The attitude of excelsior, can make true high-quality goods.

Fine 6.35mm-3.5mm adapter
Todays, there are still many professional devices using 6.35mm earphone jacks, and the quality of the adapters on the market varies. NF Audio has specially developed a high-quality 6.35mm-3.5mm adapter for this purpose. The surface is anodized with aluminum and the contact parts are gold-plated. Regardless of the face score, feel, insertion and removal performance, it is very outstanding. It is the standard configuration of NM2+.


Model: NM2+

Driver: dual cavity dynamic driver

Frequency response: 9-40kHz

Impedance: 18ohm

Sensitivity: 108dB/mW

Distortion: 1%

Max SPL: 125dB

Sound insulation: 25dB

Cable: 2pin 0.78mm 5N silver-plated OFC

Dimension: 145*128*83mm

Net weight: 300g


NF Audio NM2+

2pin 0.78mm 5N cable

Balanced eartips(S/M/L)

Bass eartips(S/M/L)

6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter

Storage box


David 20/12/2020

These have become my new daily IEM.
Robust build, class leading transparency and detail. NM2+ has an expansive soundstage, great imaging and excellent timbre.
After some running in, I am pleased with the overall performance.
Bass is tight and impactful, mids are transparent and the treble extends well without sharpness.

Both product and service has been exceptional!

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