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NF Audio RA10

NF Audio RA10 - RA10

NF Audio RA10 6mm Micro Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFI In-ear Earphone


R series

R is short for Rules. Appearance design rules, ergonomic rules, acoustic parameters rules are the core of N Fein acoustic R series.

Different from the bionic design of Nature series represented by N series, the original intention of R series is to create excellent and unique industrial design of earphones through the deconstruction and reorganization of the spatial geometric relationship of human ear modeling, combined with the ergonomic perspective that has been repeatedly verified.

In terms of sound, the frequency response characteristics of the optimized HRTF (head dependent transfer function) under the diffusion field are taken as the core objective, and on this basis, the timbre and hearing sense are optimized, which is more in line with the definition of "reduction" in a specific level.

Exterior design and ergonomics

It follows the appearance design and ergonomic rules formulated by NF Audio Acoustics based on the spatial shape of human ear. It is small in size and firm and comfortable to wear. Family type pick panel

* Material: high strength polycarbonate, light and strong.

* Sound quality: NF Audio MCL-6 high magnetic 6mm micro dynamic, bandwidth 15-30kHz, small size, large energy, rich details, far more than the volume of dynamic performance.

* Cable: 5N oxygen-free copper silver-plated, matte skin texture, lower impedance, lower skin effect and proximity effect.

* Silicone eartips: 4 pairs of NF Audio 42 high-quality silicone eartips, excellent sound quality, soft and comfortable, firm not to fall off, more diameter only 9.3mm super small silicone eartips, suitable for small ear piercing girls.

* Exquisite new packaging design, classic CD disc embedded earphone design elements, standard with exquisite storage bag.

NF Audio MCL-6 High magnetic fretting driver, powerful engine, excellent performance

*9ɥ polymer diaphragm: different from the high rigidity diaphragm popular in the market, MCL-6 uses a lightweight, medium rigidity and good elasticity polymer diaphragm from the point of sound. With carefully designed grain, obtain lower distortion, better musical performance.

* High-performance rare earth NdFeb magnet: magnetic force is the source of the power of the dynamic. MCL-6 driver, equipped with high-performance rare earth NdFeb magnet, optimized magnetic field, sufficient magnetic force, has a strong control over small size diaphragm with low inertia, to achieve better dynamic transient performance.

Custom breathable volume for tuning damping, starting with parameters, beyond parameters

Frequency response is an important parameter to describe the sound of earphones. RA10 takes the frequency response characteristics of the HRTF (head correlation transfer function) under the optimized diffusion field as the core objective, and matches the well-designed acoustic cavity. In the preliminary adjustment, the frequency response level fits well with the target curve.

But the voice is not limited to that. Through more precise magnetic adjustment, voice coil weight adjustment, diaphragm adjustment, center glue adjustment, in the dynamic and harmonic characteristics determined by the timbre level to achieve better performance.

At the same time, the tuning damping with special breathable volume custom according to the actual sound performance is used to slightly adjust the sound balance that cannot be reflected in the test but can be perceived by the human ear, so as to obtain a more delicate and calm musical expression.

* Because the sound tube filter screen is dense, there is a risk of being blocked by ear wax, so it comes with 6 pieces of tuning damping, which you can be replaced by yourself.

Deconstruction and recombination of spatial geometric relationship of human ear shape, small and delicate, comfortable to wear

Comfort is an important factor for long-term use of earphones. Relying on years of experience in custom earphone manufacturing, NF Audio have developed a complete set of ergonomic rules including ear canal angle, cavity angle and outlet angle, making full use of the structural shape of the human ear to support and reduce wearing pressure.

With the ultra-small 9.3mm silicone eartips, girls who cannot use conventional in-ear earphones can also get excellent wearing experience.

5N oxygen-free copper silver plated cable, detachable cable, let the music more free

Earphones continue to evolve, and there's always some tension between sound, convenience, and longevity. RA10 adopts 5N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable to better transmit audio signals. 0.78mm 2pin design, compatible with other NF Audio accessories, on the basis of the plug and the mother seat set between the anti-stay, easy to use at the same time, effectively extend the life of the earphone. With the accessories of NF Audio, you can switch freely between ordinary earphones, balanced earphones and Bluetooth earphones to better explore the music world.

24dB passive noise reduction, a little less noise, a better mood

Noisy environment, in addition to making people upset, will also unconsciously turn up the volume and damage hearing. Scientific studies have shown that details can be heard only when the music is 20dB higher than the ambient volume. RA10 provides a passive noise reduction effect of up to 24dB, turning the busy city into a bedroom, making the noise become quiet, and making the place become your exclusive stage.

MS42 high quality silicone eartips, suitable size, high quality music

The silicone eartips not only affects the comfort of wearing, but also affects the performance of sound. RA10 is standard equipped with XS, S, M, L, a total of 4 pairs of NF Audio MS42 high-quality silicone eartips, 30 degrees outside and 40 degrees inside food grade antibacterial silicone, soft and hard just; Bayonet structure design, firm and not easy to fall off; Precise acoustic structure, more pleasant to listen to.


Model: RA10

Driver: 6mm micro dynamic driver

Frequency response: 15-30kHz

Sensitivity: 102dB/mW

Impedance: 15Ω

Maximum SPL: 125dB

Sound insulation: 25dB

Distortion: <1%

Cable: 5N OFC silver-plated cable

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Plug: 3.5mm


NF Audio RA10

5N OFC silver-plated cable

MS42 eartips(XS/S/M/L)

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