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NS Audio NS-2 Composer Dual Balanced Armature 2-pin 0.78mm Detachable Audiophile IEMs HiFi In-ear Earphones


  • NS-2 Composer is a high-quality Dual Balanced Armature earphone, which is easy to drive, balanced and high-resolution. The tuning of NS-2 Composer is completed by the composer Fang Dong Qing teacher, to meet the brand of Natural Sound of the real, natural, balanced, durable and other requirements.

Custom composite full frequency driver

  • A full-range driver with lumen air circulation provides a better low-frequency atmosphere and a soft low-frequency feel, similar to a dynamic driver, with excellent full-frequency response.
  • We have combined them to achieve better low-frequency dynamics, fuller mid frequency density, more delicate high-frequency performance, lower full-band distortion and a highly consistent full-range phase.

Hand-polished, glazed, looks better

  • 3D printed custom shell, excellent sound isolation, allowing you to enjoy the quiet in the noisy place.
  • The distinction between the left and right of this earphone is quite straightforward, with "NS audio" to the right and "Composer" to the left.

Cable Material

  • The wire uses a Litz structured silver-plated wire core that provides a comfortable soft feel with excellent sound quality and durability.
  • It uses 40 core 4N OFC plated 0.8um silver copper wire, machine around process, plus 300D ballistic wire, PVC coating anti-winding and anti-discoloration;
  • Slider and plug are nickel-plated with aluminum, few stethoscope effects.
  • Equipped with silicone ear hook, more comfortable.
  • 3.5mm Audio plug and 1.2M cable.


  • Driver: Dual Balanced Armature Driver
  • Impedance: 75Ω
  • Frequency response: 10-40000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 110dB@1K Hz
  • Distortion THD0.5% @100-10Khz
  • Plug:3.5mm
  • Cable length: 1.2


  • NS-2 Composer earphone
  • 6 pairs of silicone Eartips
  • 1 pair of double-flange silicone eartips
  • Pure handmade tanned leather bag
  • Carry box

The story of NS Audio Brand :

From a music lover to a HiFi audiophile, the music has accompanied with Zhangjie for over 20 years. Now he has a new identity, a sound disseminator, from buyer to producer. Even the status changed, the same is his love for music and the promotion and popularization of music.

While he likes music, he also writes his own experience and feelings on music in a ridicule and relaxed way, releases in major audio and music forums so that more people could understand classical music and love classical music.

With the passage of time, we can clearly feel that the traditional HiFi speaker system has become increasingly unsuited to this era, the more compact desktop speakers and portable headphones have become new favorites.

More than two years ago, Zhang Jie participated an audiophile’s salon and recognized a group of earphone audiophiles. Never listen to music by headphones, he found the headphones can also create extraordinary hearing enjoyment. In the next two years he listened to almost all high-end headset. "Headphones, especially earphones, are extremely portable and can provide good sound isolation to enjoy your favorite music anytime."

In order to be able to enjoy the music at any time, he also tried a lot of common earphones on the market. However, he found that nowadays earphones (earbuds) manufacturers in order to meet the needs of the market, many products are pursuing a variety of gimmicks. "The most typical is the number of heap drivers, no matter whether it is good for sound." Many products increase low frequency and high frequency to achieve ear stimulation, but the most important mid frequency did not done well. "This kind of earphone feels good at first, but is not enduring. And now manufacturers rely too much on the curve and technology to design the earphone, but neglected the equipment is used for playing the music. The music cannot impress people, no sense of music".

    Zhang Jie therefore set up Chengdu Nature Sound Technology Co., Ltd., and registered the "NS audio" brand trademark, specializing in the development of headphones. He did the opposite, "Natural Sound does not pursue gimmicks, and I'm releasing products for playing music. First of all the music we have to be able to impress people, and then the perfection of the curve and technology." "What I want to do is to have a good sense of the headphones, and then good experiences, at the same time have a good ability to adapt to music, and the most reasonable cost", which is the original intention of Zhang Jie.

    After the success of the first entry-level NS-1 earphones, Nature Sound launched a second earphone NS-2. He made many earphone prototypes first, selected several of them and sent to his good friend, the famous Chinese composer Fang Dong Qing, for audition and asked him to judge which one is the closest to the scene based on his years of band and recording work. It turns out that his approach is completely correct, and NS2 has almost straight-line curve in the full frequency. "This is not the result of first tuning the curve, but the result of teacher Fang Dongqing's choice of his ears, which is why the earphone is named Composer. Its sound is natural, balanced and resistant to listening; it also has a perfect performance for recording. (for one earphone). At the same time, it uses 3D printed custom male mold housing, has excellent sound isolation and easy to drive, which can meet everyone's requirement of music appreciation anytime and anywhere.

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