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Penon FAN 10MM Single Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMS


3D printing resin, stabilized wood panel

Sound Signature:

The Penon Fan has a fun sound to appeal to all audiophiles.

The bass is very addictive with good dive.

Vocals are crystal clear. The treble has a lot of air with very good spark.


Brand: Penon Audio

Model: Penon FAN

Dynamic Driver: 10mm

Sensitivity: 102dB

Impedance: 23Ω

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Plug: 3.5mm



Svilen Neykov 11/05/2023

Great IEM, deep warm sound, a bit recessed in the vocals for me, but with the Vocal cable, they really shine!
Otherwise great performance for the money!

claudio chateau 26/01/2023

Ces écouteurs sont tout simplement fabuleux, confort excellent le son est juste parfait à mes oreilles.
Des basses vraiment addictive, médium aigu parfait pour moi. J'ai déjà les vortex excellent aussi,mais perso je préfère les fan. Me reste plus à acheter les fan 2, globe et serial dans les mois à venir.

Mr. moose 03/01/2023

It’s a full-range DD that offers a V signature, and of course that means both an add to the deep-end as well as the treble. Yet due to a carefully orchestrated tune combination, the Fan somehow bypasses any of that feeling of early roll-off on the lows often found with full-range DDs. It’s for those that want a more consumer tune. Now the wild part is due to the technicalities and tune, it’s one of the best consumer tunes I have heard, right along with what Sony has done in this part of town.

Jose 08/09/2022

The Penon FAN are probably the most fun IEMS I've ever tried from the brand. They are an approach to a more classic V-U profile, but without departing from their own canons. In this way their sound is highly musical, very pleasant, smooth and even passionate. The low end is distinctive, with its depth, power and great texture, making it a very unique and highly enjoyable range. The midrange overlays the typical IEMS V class, offering a superior quality, providing a remarkable level of detail, without omitting or nuancing information. The result is a sweet midrange that borders on lush.

My review:

DRN 20/01/2021

Fantastic value for the price!
Penon Fan has a good balance in its subbass and midbass; deep enough rumble while having good thump on bass pedals, snares, and guitar plucks. Midrange is properly tuned having enough warmth while far from approaching my sibilance threshold. Treble is extended well with good amount of sparkle, which I prefer better than Orb's. Fan also excels both in soundstage width and airiness leading to a much preferred imaging and instrument separation qualities. However, Orb still surpasses Fan when it comes to overall resolution quality, depth of stage, bass texture, and vocal quality.
Penon Audio nailed this one again despite having only one dynamic driver per side, with the commonly shaped universal shells, and no other fancy stuff implemented as far as I know. This one is yet another top contender in this price range. I already got impressed when I received my ISN D02, but this one is far better and definitely worthy in one's IEM collection.

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Tags: 1DD , 1DRIVER , 2PIN

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Penon FAN 10MM Single Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMSDescription3D printing resin, stabilized wood panel Sound S..