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  • Brand: Penon
  • Model: Globe
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Penon Globe 2BA + Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEM


2BA+Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable Audiophile IEMS

The use of medical grade resin material, light and beautiful, comfortable to wear, no strange feeling in contact with the skin.

Made by hand, the earphone shell is solid and more durable.


Driver: 2BA + 10mm dynamic

Balanced armature: Knowles high frequency, Sonion middles frequency

Dynamic driver : 10mm Bass

Frequency reponse:20Hz-20kHz

Impedance: 10ohm@1khz

Sensitivity: 116db@1khz@1mw

Connector: 2Pin 0.78mm

Cable length: 1.2M


Penon globe

3 pairs of Epro EP00 silicone eartips (SML)

3 pairs of gray-orange silicone eartips (SML)

3 pairs of gray-green silicone eartips (SML)

1 pairs of double flange silicone eartips

Earphone case




18 months warranty


Jonas Terdin 16/11/2023

Great choice for bass lovers.

The Penon Globe excels when I play music written and performed by:

Adam Nitti, Alain Caron, Antoine Fafard, Brian Bromberg, Bunny Brunel, Byron Miller, Jeff Berlin, Jimmy Earl, Jimmy Haslip, John Patitucci, Kinga Glyk, Marc Johnson, Marcus Miller, Mark Egan, Mohini Dey, Tal Wilkenfeld, Victor Wooten, and more.

Need to be burned in. Get better by the hour and with a little help from an amp.

Bosk 18/09/2023

There are a few things I immediately notice when listening to the Globes. First off they're very easy to drive, dongle users in particular may benefit here. Then there's the tremendous cohesion. The other standout is their midrange, as "hyper real". Midrange presence is a great strength of the Globes, with vocalists readily commanding your attention.
They're small, comfortable, cohesive with a terrific midrange and commendable bass output which augurs strongly for the their value at this pricepoint.
If you'd prefer to ignore the hype and choose an under-the-radar option, you'll probably enjoy the Globes as I have.

NymPHONOmaniac 19/08/2023

The tonality of the Globe is a warm, thick and rumbly W shape. Bass is dominant but feed the mid range instead of making it recessed or muddy. These are dark but not dull and the timbre is dense with extra low harmonic euphony that is highly appealing for emotional response and making the listener melt into it's favorite vocalist.
The Globe excell in bass and vocal department, both of them achieving heavy dynamic, fowards presence and a natural and thick timbre. If like me you favor lush female vocal that are free of sibilance or overboosted presence to the cost of thin or bright timbre, you'll be in for alot of joy with the Globe. As well, even basshead will find something to love with those, since the sub bass slam is bigger than expected, wide and enveloping and deep and sustain in rumbel.

szore 20/11/2022

I love the Globes, they EQ very well with my Schiit Lokius, and they have a rich, lush sound with great bass. The mids and treble are great as well. More of a relaxed presentation but still rich with detail, love it!

Gregory 28/10/2022

This Globe color first comes off skewed, but quickly midrange and treble formations enable a double take. So the slight darkness is perceived along with sexy BA rendition of midrange and treble elements. Such characteristics are due to both the driver frequency response and individual (driver-tone) characteristics. We are presented a fairly large soundstage encompassed by width, height and thickness. Such places are the canvas and essential to imaging. In the lower frequencies we delight in how the midrange and treble find placement. Yet there is an overall stance of liquidity and smoothness, that forms the music in the most digestible of ways.

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