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  • Brand: Penon
  • Model: IMPACT
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Penon IMPACT TOTL Flagship 4EST + 10BA Hybrid Audiophile 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear Monitor

Custom color: Please send us the cavity and faceplate picture to check first

Custom fit: Only accept digital ear impressions file for CIEM.

CIEM takes 3 weeks,please send us the faceplate/cavity picture you like and provide sample pattern . We'll try our best to meet your requirements.


The earphone shell use medical grade resin, light and beautiful, comfortable to wear.

The universal mold structure has higher reliability and provides better wearing experience.

Fully handmade earphone is solid and more durable.

4 Sonion EST for ultra-high frequency,

2 Sonion BA for high-frequency

4 Sonion BA for middle frequency

4 Sonion BA for low frequency

4-way crossover, 4 tubes


Brand: Penon


Driver: 4 EST+10 BA

Impedance: 21ohm

Sensitivity: 112db

Frequency range: 10-70kHz

Cable:4 shares, 100 cores per share , OCC + white sheath + 24K gold-plated + transparent PVC 3-in-1 modular cable

Connector: 2Pin 0.78mm

Plug: 3-in-1 modular (3.5mm audio,2.5mm/4.4mm balanced)

Cable length: 1.2M



4 pairs of Penon Orange eartips S/M/L/XL

3 pairs of Grey-greenS/M/L

3 pairs ofClear greenS/M/L

3 pairs of Clear redS/M/L

1 storage earphone case

1 portable carry earphone case


Will be shipped via DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX .

It is required to put your phone number on the parcel, please leave me your contact number when you pay.


18 months warranty

ehjie 20/05/2024

The Impact is powerful and controlled, providing a solid foundation for any genre of music. It set the bass foundation on the virtual stage far and deep and with great accuracy. Compared to the Volts, Impact opted for accuracy and neutrality, with a sense of natural crispness over warmth and musicality coming from the Volts. The Holographic Imaging provides a sense of space and dimensionality that truly immerses the listener in the music - regardless of the scale it renders - the experience is immersive - you'll get lost in the music once you're in the zone. The music will surround you and you will be in a state of trance.

Ehjie 11/12/2023

Penon’s third flagship has
Great balance Tuning, great Prat Adsr, excellent layering and separation.100% timbre, Lush and neutral. Smooth and fast. This is Neutral heads’ (but not thin) and Detail heads’ (Not overwhelming to create confusion) wet dreams come true. All the frequencies properly heard. Holographic forward Mids - the best Penon Midrange to date and a convincing staging performance including that great stage depth! Overall a great Musician style monitor and Audiophile holographic Image Staging capabilities.

RunWithOne 07/09/2023

The Impact for me is an excellent IE with absolute all-rounder qualities. The tuning is stirring for rock and metal listeners. He also cuts a very good figure in other genres. The BA Bass is powerful, musical and clean. Still, the Impact isn't IE for bassheads. The mids also remain absolutely suitable for a long time without swallowing up details. Due to the typical Penon sink around 6kHz, there are no sibilants. The highs are detailed and present, but remain musically round. His exciting calmness makes him an excellent IE for me. He dispenses with showmanship over the entire frequency range. That's why I think it takes a "listening time" until it fully ignites. If you can live with the spartan packaging, which I think is contemporary, you get an excellently tuned listener that manages a successful balancing act between analysis and musicality.

SteveK27 28/07/2023

I view Impact as a value-centric iem that performs competitively close next to flagship counterparts like Jewel and Traillii. There are truths to be derived that all three iems share resembling characteristics that make it difficult to be considered complements amongst each other. Regardless, it's always welcome to see our options expanding as manufacturers continuously push out more competitive variety.

Full Penon Impact Impressions here :

Jorge Costa 13/05/2023

The Penon a fantastic IEM with his own merits that can compete with other TOTL at a more affordable price. In my opinion the Impact is a set with a very balanced sound signature that is superb for all kind of music genres. Not boring by any means. The tuning is very versatile with great layering, excellent resolution and a holographic presentation. Live music sounds awesome. Classical sounds sublime. Even prog rock and metal genres sound amazing due to the speed and fast decay of the Sonion BA and the clean and smooth treble of the 4 EST. However, being the Impact a kind of midrange specialist, it’s no surprise how special it sounds with vocals. It’s mesmerizing! Hannah Reid from London Grammar or Susanne Sundfør just sound immense! Highly recommended.

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Tags: 4EST , 10BA , Hybrid , 14drivers , 2pin , 3-in-1

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