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PENON Sphere

PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
PENON Sphere
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  • Brand: Penon
  • Model: Sphere
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PENON Sphere Balanced Armature 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs


PENON brand is committed to producing affordable products for audiophiles.

Since 2017, we launched the first earbud, BS1 Earbud, which has won the applause of many audiophiles.

Two years later, in 2019, we once again released an IEM, SPHERE IEM.

PENON SPHERE is made with the concept of simplicity is beauty. It uses a simple resin housing and logo, and uses Balanced Armature, it has excellent sound signature, Very Balanced. Quick Bass, Smooth Vocals and Airy Treble.


Driver: Balanced Armature

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz



Passive noise reduction: 26dB

Earphone interface: 2Pin 0.78mm


Cable Length: 1.2M



6 pairs of silicone eartips


18 months warranty

Dsnuts 23/02/2022

Speres have a low impedance so they are easy to drive out of just about everything. Unlike most sensitive iems these are quite forgiving of bad recordings. Possibly due to the smooth musical nature of the sound but makes for a very enjoyable sound that you can listen to for hours on end with no fatigue.

Ehjie 12/08/2020

Don't let a single BA receiver fool you. This set has excellent tuning on the entire frequency range.
A huge sound field, 3d imaging & holography. I played from the ibasso DX229.
These are fantastically great In ear headphones, especially for smaller ear profiles.
I rate this in ears a perfect 5 for value to performance ratio...

Алексей 27/01/2020

Despite hundreds of all kinds of IEMs I listened to, fortunately I have not yet earned a professional deformation and still rejoice when I find among the samples of portable flagship sound sent to me for testing — everything is clear to them from the beginning, but also quiet modest ones which however may surprise. The current case is just that. Hand on heart, I declare responsibly: Penon Sphere are great earphones! They look stylish and sound stylish, despite the fact that they are built on just one armature driver.
My review in Russian:

Justrest 06/01/2020

When Penon Audio start to make cables, I wasn’t sure about their sound quality and I had some suspicious about their success, but they did a great job. They’ve released many good cables which I am using with some of my TOTL earphones. After the success of the cable they decided to release their new IEM, and I knew at the moment that I’ve heard it will be good iem. Sphere is very impressive earphone and its retail price is bargain for its sound performance. All the frequencies are alive and dynamism is so good to listen. Gambling with the 1 balanced armature was a little bit risky for the first product, but they did a great job. Sphere is great earphone bottom to top and it deserve some attention at this price range.

Twister6 29/12/2019

It probably sounds like a cliché saying “I didn’t know what to expect” when I received Penon Sphere, but it’s the truth. Sphere is Penon’s first IEM, and they decided to start with a single BA design where the sound tuning can go either way. Many companies start off with either single DD or hybrid design which guarantees a full bandwidth sound coverage. I think a single BA is more challenging since you are dealing with only a “single” building block to get it right. In my opinion, Penon did a great job with a tuning which has a neutral-balanced sound sig and a natural detailed tonality you can enjoy during extended non-fatigue listening. Well done for a debut release of IEM which is both sold by and made by Penon!

My full review :

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