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  • Brand: Penon
  • Model: TURBO
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Recommend to burn-in 50~100hrs

Penon TURBO 6BA TOTL 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEM with 4 Tuning Switches


Natural pearl shells panels, transparent green resin cavity.

6 balanced armature 2Pin 0.78mm in-ear earphone

3+1 tuning switches,14 kinds of tuning modes

3-way crossover , 3 tubes

The 3-switch system modes

020 standard mode, vocal is the best.

100 is low frequency enhanced (low frequency will enhance a little, if you still feel that the low frequency is not enough, then turn on the super bass boost switch.)

003 is high frequency enhanced.

The other modes are mixed mode.

0-000 is invalid.

1-switch system

Independent 1-switch is super bass boost switch, can be used with 3-switch at the same time, can also be used independently.

When used independently, it is low-frequency super boost mode, and with 3-switch, the low-frequency performance can be further enhanced in the corresponding mode of 3-switch.

3+1 switch system

Make sure that at least one of the 3-switch or 1-switch is turned on which is in normal mode.

In any mode, you can turn on the super bass boost switch. to enhance the low frequency, which is equivalent to 100, 020, 003 mode, on the basis of its own effect, a separate increase in the low frequency performance.

The super bass boost switch can also be used independently, i.e. in 000 mode, the super bass boost switch is turned on. It's pure bass boost mode.

The rest is mixed mode and can be used in combination. The independent super bass boost switch, turn on to enhance the bass, turn off is not enhanced, can be enhanced on the basis of the sound of 100, 020, 003 mode. It can also be used independently, i.e. 000 mode + independently enhanced 1-switch.

Sound overview

The sound field is very wide, the layering and positioning in the space is very accurate and clear, and the vocal is sweet, balanced and comfortable. Rich sound variability, pioneering independent super bass boost mode, making the earphones suitable for a wider range of styles.

Of all the combinations, 100 + 0 is my favorite and recommended.


Brand: Penon

Model: Turbo

Driver:6 Balanced Armature

2 Sonion for high frequency

2 Knowles for middle frequency

2 Sonion double opening hole for low frequency

Impedance16 Ohms


Frequency response: 10-20 kHz,

Passive noise reduction26dB

Connector: 2Pin 0.78mm

Cable:8 shares 19 cores OCC & silver-plated Mixed Braided IEM cable





18 months warranty


baskingshark 25/06/2024

For audiophiles looking for a versatile all-BA IEM, the Penon Turbo is a good option to consider. It has 14 tuning options on tap, with a generous bass boost switch for our basshead brethren. The treble is smooth with minimal sibilance, and technicalities like imaging and soundstage are a highlight.
This IEM is easily driven, with good passive isolation and a generous accessory spread added to solid ergonomics. In fact, due to these properties and solid technical chops, the Turbo is an excellent option for audio work or stage monitoring.Some small nitpicks are that it has mild BA timbre, and trebleheads might want a bit more oomph in the higher end, but by-and-large, the proffered versatility and all-roundedness make this a formidable all-BA set.

Des99 06/03/2024

The bass performance is spectacular and is one of the highlights of the Penon Turbo, especially considering that the BAs are completely handling the bass! Smooth treble presentation with decent sparkle, well extended and airy treble, impressive imaging and layering. Shell is made entirely out of resin, very lightweight as well. Overall, the Penon Turbo is very well tuned in all departments, backed up with good enough technicalities, and can be further customized with its well implemented tuning switch system.

o0genesis0o 13/01/2024

Turbo is a V-shaped IEM that can have anywhere from substantial to unreasonable amount of bass. The bass line of Turbo has satisfying thickness, rumble, and decay. Turbo showcases good instrument placement, particularly the depth contrast between closer and further away sounds. This IEM can pull good details in the midrange. Turbo renders all vocals with a pleasing and slightly warm tonality. The treble was also cleverly done, the transients sound crisp.

Bosk 06/11/2023

The Turbos are extremely cohesive, as fast as their name suggests, and pack a wallop. Bass texture is impressive.
There's a satisfying sense of fullness to the Turbos' midrange.
The Turbos' soundstage width is slightly above average. Imaging is very solid and dynamics are satisfyingly strong.
Resolution is very good.
The Turbos possess a tremendous sense of speed despite their huge bass presence, which will be especially appreciated if you listen to fast-paced music with busy passages.

Mr. moose 21/08/2023

The main dynamics of the Turbo are transients, Turbo puts out a nice level of bass. There is truly a complete story here, one that is actually focussed on the tri-band crossover, and tri-band sound tube arrangement. And it is this specific separation that is really the star of the show. Both good at vocals and bass. It was new to me just how the Turbo could perform. The way it does bass sounds, and the character it has for vocals. Of course the treble isn't too shabby either.

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