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Penon Vortex

PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
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PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
PENON Vortex
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  • Brand: Penon
  • Model: Vortex
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PENON Vortex Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile In-Ear Earphone IEMs


Resin shell, lightweight and comfortable

Handmade , solid and durable

Driver characteristics:

DLC diamond-like carbon fiber material, the molecular structure is similar to diamond, the resolution and transmission details are precise and neat, clear and natural. Similar to beryllium metal used in aerospace research and high-end speakers, it is a light metal, and the density of DLC diamond-like carbon is comparable to that of metal beryllium. The ideal diaphragm needs to have the characteristics of light weight, proper damping, and small divided vibration. The key point is that the forward and backward delays of the vibration should be just right: vibrate immediately when a signal is received, and stop in time when the signal disappears. Diamond-like carbon achieves a perfect balance in terms of sound conduction velocity and internal impedance, that is, it has ideal performance on forward and backward delay , ultra-high sensitivity and excellent transient response, which can accurately restore sound.




Driver: 10mm strong magnetic DLC diamond-like fiber diaphragm

Input Sensitivity: 108dB SPL/mW

Frequency response range: 10Hz-35kHz

Impedance: 24Ω±15%(@1khz)

THD: ≤1%@1khz

Connecter: 2pin 0.78mm

Plug: 3.5mm audio, 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced

Cable length: 1.2M


Penon Vortex

Copper and silver mixed cable CS819

Transparent Green Silicone eartips (SML)

Grey-green silicone eartips (SML)

EPRO foam eartips (SML)

Earphone bag


Cable clip

Cleaning brush


18 months warranty


ian91 19/04/2023

The Vortex surprised me, I see it as Penon diversifying its offering and exploring new ground. The Vortex is a successful neutral-bright set, that’s energetic, airy and has great dynamics. It will recreate instrumental music, especially guitar work with clarity and presence, percussion is weighted naturally and has every texture and hit explored. If you’re a fancier of single DD coherency, listen to a largely instrumental library (especially rock, blues, folk etc) and want a bright and musical set, the Vortex will no doubt catch you in her spin.

Ichos 03/03/2023

The Vortex is one of the most balanced and well tuned earphones that I have reviewed lately. It has an almost perfect neutral and natural sound signature with a very realistic timbre, lifelike tonality and supreme sense of musicality. The mid-range is absolutely joyful and engaging, balanced and naturally tuned, transparent and open sounding with clear articulation and plenty of harmonic variety. Rising higher, the Vortex is displaying the same kind of a balanced and evenly handed tuning with a smooth and easy sounding treble that doesn't have any fatiguing or sharp peaks.

NymPHONOmaniac 17/02/2023

We can say the Vortex delivers a gently bright near neutral to slight V shape tonality with vivid treble and punchy low end, but it's all but a boring listen, so we are into maturity meet fun musical territory. Its immediate and lively tonal balance is highly cohesive and abrasive, let's say the dynamic driver isn't lazy in there and is always ready to show the talent of its excited transient response.

Mr. moose 17/10/2022

Vibrant is what I’m going with. The VORTEX sidesteps much of the regular issues encountered by single-full-range drivers. It’s in the midrange and treble, in how there is a grand separation, but also naturalness at hand. It’s this specific balance of spacial and tonal distancing out into the stage, but also a specific evenness and correctness of the mids. What I’m basically saying is the midrange is not too forward, as found in a few less than average single full-range DD IEM responses. It’s just right! was always just right, no matter what cable, ear-tips or DAP I used. This occurs due to there being a character quality we can’t fully change with these adjustments. So don’t worry as the sound of correctness with the VORTEX is easy to find.

Ace 28/09/2022

Fast, Precise, Incredibly Well Textured, Vibrant, Clean, Transparent, Dynamic - these are all the words that are associated with Penon Vortex in my mind. It is an incredibly solid performer in a surprisingly small package. The fine microdetails, prominent textures, transparent and dynamic sound, intimate stage coupled with pinpoint imaging - all of them envelop you from all sides, slowly drawing you nearer and nearer to the centre of the music. The more time you spend with them, the more enamoured you become. Penon Vortex is truly a maelstrom of small ingenuities that might not sound much impressive from the get go, I remember I found them a bit bright and thin sounding with a rather lacklustre low-end in the beginning, but the more time I spent, the more trapped I got in its flow, and now I can say this is one entrapment I am not looking to get out of anytime soon.

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