PHIREE Mini-ear V3

PHIREE Mini-ear V3 - Mini-ear V3

PHIREE Mini-ear V3 New Version Portable HiFi Headphone Amplifier


New version of PHIREE mini-ear  headphone amplifier
new Mini Ear is still used TI TPA6120 as the core, to improve the power supply voltage (plus or minus 12v) and the output power, and further optimize the resolution and SNR of the amplifier, the overall dynamic effect and thrust increase greatly, music details will be everywhere. Actually listening is very good whether connect it with computer, mobile phone or player.

V3, the third version of PHIREE mini-ear :

  • The power supply mode: portable batteries (default), can also be an external power supply switch (Machine jumper switch manually).
  • Appearance: the new design of shell size, sophisticated technology is more perfect.
  •  Handle feeling: adapt Japan original ALPS potentiometer and solid aluminum knob, feeling good.
  • Output power: effective output level achieved 8VRMS; promote high-power high impedance headphones more efficiency.
  • SNR: very good (for in-ear earplugs)

Why headphone need amp?

Because of Impedance, sensitivity, power and other electrical parameters are different, so each headphone have different requirements in voltage and current supply of audio signal, but normal equipment signal output is limited such as cell phone, sound card, music player, cannot give full play to the headphones’ inherent performance, so with headphone amplifier to expand the audio signal voltage and current can be better to let your headphones play well and power strong.

PHIREE mini-ear V3 :

  • New Mini Ear is smaller and more powerful
  • All aluminum body, strong and beautiful
  • Easy to match computers, mobile phones and other players
  • Can also be as a good pre level amp
  • Special for TI TPA6120 HIFI headphone amplifier
  • whole aluminum CNC knob,feeling good.
  • The Mini Ear also can be used while charging
  • You can use any phone charger to charge (Mini Ear does not contain the charger)
  • Mini Ear have good SNR for in-ear earplugs
  • Mini Ear with up to 8 VRMS level output ability, cope with big headphones easily.


  • Input: 3.5 mm (1-2 VRMS)
  • Output: 3.5 mm (0 to 8 VRMS)
  • Size: 101 mm x 64 mm x 18 mm
  • Weight: 135 g
  • Charging: DC5V (compatible computer and cell phone charger USB port)
  • Battery capacity: 1700mA
  • Battery life: more than 10 hours
  • Recommend headphone impedance: 32-250Ω


  • PHIREE mini-ear
  • USB cable

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