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QLS QA361 AK4495SEQ OPA12622 DSD Hardware Decode HiFi Audiophile Lossless Portable Music Player


Where is the ceiling of the portable player?

In high-end desktops, high-end desktops with better sound in the future,  we need to do infinitely close to the desktop's portability.

The QA360 has a condensed small machine title, and the QA361 is one step closer to the desktop.

Make very clean and transparent sound, restore delicate and pure feelings, relaxed and atmosphere sound style

Based on the sound floor of QA360LE, make the sound more comprehensive, more perfect, more beautiful and more attractive. In the transparent puritymusic feeling and smoothness, try to be the best, and make the sound character rare in the current selling player.

Finally, QA361 sound style and QA360LE are in the same vein. The same relaxed and atmosphere, the same sound well; compared to QA360LE, it will be more transparent, more cohesive and delicate, high and low frequency extension is better, music feeling is more excellent, more gentle and natural, soft and with texture.

Power is the mother of sound,Very pure, very stable, very low internal resistance power supply design

When music is life, the power is water. Pure water creates wonderful life, and the pure power source reproduces a moving sound. QLS has always insisted on the tuning concept that the power supply as the mother of the sound, because the power supply is the first bottleneck affecting the sound.

All power supplies are independent respectively, without interference, with the features of ultra-high speed and ultra-low noise, ultra-low output internal resistance.

Clean, transparent and exquisite is the biggest feature of the QA361 sound, and the ability to achieve such pure and transparent and exquisite sound has a lot to do with the power supply's devotion.

Super power supply, dual super capacitance supplement, respectively supply for analog circuits and digital circuits

Clock is the soul of sound,QA361 adopts global unified high precision dual femtosecond clock

The CPU uses an audio high-level clock to address power supply contamination and EMI interference caused by jitter

Independent CPLD to manage and output each audio clock, using optimized and streamlined algorithms to ensure latency lower and output jitter parameters excellent

DAC uses AK4495SEQ sound quality special edition + high voltage power supply to supply

The biggest feature of this chip: the decoded analog reference voltage can be surpassed by more than 5V, up to 7V power supply, which improves the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamics of the sound. Specifically, the sound is more transparent and clean, the level is better, and there are more Good dynamics and fresh sound.

AK4495SEQ has a better sense of music than AK4495, and the sound is more full and atmosphere.

AK4495SEQ is not the main reason for making the sound quality changed

In QA361, the cost of the DA chip only accounts for 3% of the total material cost, the material cost of the power supply part is 8 times the cost of the DA chip, and the material cost of the analog circuit is 6 times the cost of the DA chip. Good sound is needed a larger investment  in the overall periphery and a chip to the extreme.

Using perfect desktop machine volume control structure to solve the left and right imbalance and digital loss

After repeated comparisons, still insists on using PGA2311 which with power consumption, occupying area, increasing cost, and more development time to deal with noise floor problems.

Lossless analog volume adjustment ensures good sound quality at low volume: the adjustment range is wide, the adjustment process is very thin, and the left and right channels are almost completely balanced, thus achieving a wide range of precise control of the volume.

The pursuit of the ultimate is also reflected in every detail, QA361 uses higher price, lower distortion rate PGA2311UA, not PGA2311U

Headphone amp circuit uses 6 OPA12622 to ensure current output and capacitive load drive capability.

Capacitive load drive capability is a parameter that not considered by many portable players (include some headphone amps), however it has a huge impact on driving earphones, especially earbuds. The QA361's ability to drive capacitive loads has increased several times, making it easy to drive some earbuds with larger capacity.

Four thrust amp modes for more types of large headphones and small earbuds

There are multiple options for thrust mode: standard, big current, high voltage, double high (high current + high voltage)

Use a low distortion dual power supply analog signal electronic switch to control the analog signal for achieving gain control

Didn't use a DAC volume which does not require an increase in cost, to control the gain; didn't use a common electronic switch or MOS tube to switch the gain in the analog section; it is that using low-distortion dual-supply analog signal electronic switch TS12A12511DCNR, and by switching circuit's optimization. We actually measured the data shows that the distortion does not have any increase at all at low gain, ensuring that both low gain and high gain have the same good sound quality.

Balance is considered after that the single-ended achieved perfection, and not compromise single-end because of balance

Referring to the MBL approach, the pre-stage part uses single-ended amplification and single-ended signal processing. Add one amplifier circuit only in the part of headphone amplifier to use balanced BTL output, so that the balanced output power is 4 times that of the single-ended. Because 2 channel negative poles of the earphone completely separated, the balanced output also greatly improves the separation of the sound, and reduces the unnaturalness caused by the phase shifting distortion of the sound as much as possible, while saving the PCB area compared to the full-balance circuit, in the same PCB area and under the same playback volume, there is more space and more cost to make the sound to the extreme (including single-ended output).

ALL TO DSD mode, hear more than CD

Innovatively provide ALL TO DSD mode in the portable: can upgrade all formats to SACD twice the 1Bit, 5.6448MHz, DSD128 high resolution, even if the original signal is PCM.

Extremely transparent sound design, linear reading of music data, making the background of the sound darker

Referring to the practice of the German cavalry, the MCU program uses a full linear read TF card method, and adjusts the frequency of the ripple by changing the file block size of the linear read, and uses "boost + three stage RC isolation + large capacitance matrix +LDO method" on the power supply circuit of the TF card, which can achieve perfect isolation and reduce ripple, while greatly reducing the purpose of audio Jitter.

Support Format

Format      Number of sampling, sample rate, bit rate         Coding, compression level

WAV      16/24/32/64Bit, 44.1-192KHz 24Bit, 352.8KHz      Fixed point, floating point

AIFF      16/24/32Bit, 44.1-192KHz 24Bit, 352.8KHz

FLAC     16/24Bit, 44.1- 352.8KHz                        Level 0-8

APE        C1000: 16/24Bit, 44.1-192KHz                      Fast

C2000: 16/24Bit, 44.1-192KHz                 Normal

C3000: 16/24Bit, 44.1-192KHz                       High

C4000: 16/24Bit, 44.1-96KHz                        Extra

ALAC     16/24Bit, 44.1/48KHz                          M4A container

TTA       16/24Bit, 44.1/48KHz

WV       16/24Bit, 44.1/48KHz                          Fast/Normal/High/High Plus

DIFF      1Bit, 2.8224/5.6448MHz                       DSD64-128

DSF       1Bit, 2.8224/5.6448MHz                       DSD64-128

SACD-ISO  1Bit, 2.8224MHz                            DSD64

MP3       16Bit, 22.05/32/44,1/48KHz 96kbps-320kbps      CBR/VBR/ABR

AAC       16Bit, 44,1KHz                            M4A container, AAC LC/CSBR

DTS       16Bit, 44,1KHz                            WAC container, DTS-5.1/DTS-ES

CUE       ANSI/Unicode/Unicode Big Endian/UTF-8 Coding

Note: High bit rate files such as 24Bit/352.8KHz or DSD128 require TF card with a very stable high-speed read response so that can support normally.


Storage media: use 1 external TF card, support FAT32 and exFAT file system, currently supports a maximum capacity of 256G.

Sound mode: slow down, steep drop, short delay slow down, short delay steep drop, super slow down, AII TO DSD.

High and low gain: low gain, high gain, use analog signal hardware control, ensuring low gain and high gain with the same good sound quality .

Headphone amp thrust mode: standard mode, high current, high voltage, double high (high current + high voltage)

Support channel: two channels (stereo).

Digital output: 3.5mm coaxial output port × l

Coaxial output: Level 0.5Vp-p, matched impedance 75Ω, support up to 24Bit / 192KHz and DOP for DSD64.

Reference clock jitter: 0.088 picoseconds (88 femtoseconds).

Headphone amp output: 3.5mm single port × l, 3.5mm balance port × l.

Analog output: 3.5mm Line Out port × l.

Analog audio parameters:

Frequency response: 0-20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: 112dB

Dynamic range: 115dB

Resolution: 106dB

Distortion: 0.0008%

Output level:


PO non-balance: 5.26Vrms (high voltage mode no-load)

PO balance: 10.4Vrms (high voltage mode no-load)

Single-ended headphone port rated output power:

8Ω: [email protected] current mode, [email protected] standard mode

32Ω: [email protected] high mode, [email protected] standard mode

300Ω: [email protected] high voltage mode, [email protected] standard mode

Balanced Output Power (BTL): Theoretically 4 times the single-ended power, actually measured:

300Ω: [email protected] high voltage mode, [email protected] standard mode

Output impedance: LINE OUT 93Ω, PO unbalanced 0.18Ω, PO balanced 0.38Ω.

Headphone matching impedance: 8Ω - 60Ω

Decoding chip: AK4495SEQ (sound quality special edition), LPF: OPA2107

Built-in battery: ultra low internal resistance custom lithium polymer battery 3.8V --- 3800Mah

Input voltage: 4.8V – 5.4V, current 2A and above (TYPE-C interface) (can be used directly by mobile phone charger or charging treasure charger).

Life time: conservative 10 hours (standard mode single-ended output, actually measured to play WAV 16Bit/44.1K, screen setting 10 seconds off, multiple prototypes are more than 11 hours).

Balanced output reduces the endurance by about 10%, and the high current or high voltage mode reduces the endurance by about 20%, and the double high mode reduces the endurance by about 40%.

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Host size: 115mm × 64.5mm × 16mm

Host net weight: 180g



32GB TF card

Card reader

TYPE-C charge cable

2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm balanced male adapter cable

Screen protective film

PU leather case


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