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Rose BR5 5BA Audiophile In-ear Earphones IEMs

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Impression Wood Series, Metal brushed Blue, Jewelry Blue&Green, 

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  • Rose Technology’s High-end series is famous for expert in instruments and its polyphagia tendency. B&r5 5BA earphone is one of the Rose Technology earbuds, which takes the longest time to research and develop, and continues the make perfection more perfect concept, Its transparent human voice impresses every listener. The ultrashort in-ear design and exquisite resolution really restore the record scene, and make you close to singers and feel the real feelings. We kindly invite you who prefer human voice to try this earphone—the 5BA drivers flagship earphone, which is especially designed for human voice. Its wonderful human voice presentation takes shine off its other advantages. When the sound comes out, the words “You are right, this is what I want” is what we expect to show you.

The strongest driver& the top structure

  • The structure “1+1+1+2”uses 3 drivers to separately take charge of the low and middle frequency, the high frequency and the extremely high frequency, and sorts out 2 drivers to specialize human voice. There are totally 3 drivers working in middle frequency field.
  • Ultrashort high frequency + optimal middle frequency + ultra-long low frequency ladder gradually ranked. We research carefully on display methods so that it can be put into full type sound. Moreover, the physical fractional frequency makes sure that every unit works well together, and brings you the non-pollution original voice experience.

Coming for shocking your soul

  • B&r5 possesses proud unique style. Its tuning plan is made carefully through a long time, so the sound quality is absolutely not mediocre and dull. Wearing it, you will enjoy the personal music stage specially customized for you.
  • Rich in details. Huge sound field is also with top quality. W considered both human voice and instruments, which make B&r5 more suitable for human voice and pop music. We also calmly deal with the, and make the driver easy to push, even the mobile phone can drive it. No matter where you are, it will always make you immerse in music world.

Flying wing outer arc humanized design

  • Closed cavity is independently designed by Rose Technology engineers. It ensures the sound field uttermost wide, meanwhile, focuses on the wearing fitness. It uses Germany resin shell, which can anti-shock and pressure, and can effectively avoid the impact of inner earphone caused by careless drop.
  • The frizzy wing outer line is associated with sea gull. It can not only reduce the impact force, but also improve the hand feeling and wearing aesthetics, of which the beauty stretches out. We design its shape carefully, not try to cater to all tastes, but to blend in with the highest understanding of natural beauty.

The details have to mention

  • We are always hard to overlook the port and the contact pin of earphone, because the persistence and the pursuit of perfection exist in every Rose Technology man. The exclusive port and corresponding sized contact pin of B&r5 little differ from other series’. On the basics of micro tuning on plug-ability and stability, we design the wearing angle that is most suitable for Asian people, and deal with the details better.
  • The cable material is the standard configured Furukawa single crystal copper cable. Such a reliable and good cable can provide the less distortion of transmission performance. And we use the naked design which is regarded as a good way to reduce the stethoscope effect. The cable is pliable and tough, and easy to organize. The handmade craft displays excellent quality. And it is equipped with 3.5mm antioxidant gold plated straight plug.


  • Sensitivity: 108dB /mW
  • Impedance: 15Ω
  • Frequency response: 15-23000Hz


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