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Rose Cappuccino 2BA+ 2 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX Connector Audiophile IEMs

All the colors as the photo shows(Crystal red&blue,Leaf Series,Pearl Series,

Impression Wood Series, Metal brushed Blue, Jewelry Blue&Green, 

Dark Blue, Woody red&blue ) can be customized,

if there is any color you like , pls contact us via email at any time .


  • Suitable Style: Europe, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean pop, rock and electronic music. Lyrical vocals, ethereal voices
  • Cappuccino 2 + 2 is rose technology the secondary flagship earphones in 2016 year, it is BA + Dynamic driver hybrid earphone.
  • Reality of the sound • totally natural
  • Dual BA + Dual Dynamic drivers
  • Single film dual magnetic Dynamic drivers with composite high-frequency Knowles 30017 BA drivers, has a strong control with the whole frequency, treble extended ,low frequency diving and more superior transient response capabilities, imaging accurate, 12Ω low impedance easy to drive, portable smooth sound
  •  About human voice: 2 + 2 sound like its name, when you use it up to 100 hours, its male voice will be more mellow, female voice will be more transparent
  • 2 + 2 no longer limited to the conventional BA+Dynamic driver earphone bottleneck, but choose different axis display, the sound field is grander, higher resolution, greater presence
  • Improved ultrashort sound mouth to eliminate the attenuation regards to the high-frequency, really release surging energy
  • Original single electronic crossover, reduce crossover distortion and the power loss, easier to drive
  • Three-frequency distribution was 3.2: 3.2: 3.6,
  • Frequency range is 6-26.8kHz, sensitivity is108dB
  • After several attempts, finally found a ingenious balance between the BA+DD earphone
  • 2 + 2 is particularly suitable for the interpretation of pop, rock, small establishment and vocals, large preparation and instrumental music also fared well
  • Adopt a more ergonomic design, use around the ears to fixed earplugs, comfortable and not noisy
  • Simple shape particular add into the classical element, chic and understated.
  • 3d printing technology, highlighting manufacturers flavor.
  • Medical grade resin material of the housing inherited German descent, strong and anti-shock, reduce unnecessary vibration, make the sound more pure
  • Headphone cable using 4 core 5n Furukawa single crystal copper wire MMCX connector cable, engineers compared a lot of wire, ultimately chose it, less distortion, sounds natural.


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