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Rose Miracle EST

Rose Miracle EST - Miracle EST

Rose Miracle 4 Electrostatic + 2 Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi Audiophile 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone IEMS


Find the harmony of all your voices

After years of repeated exploration and careful refining, different harmonious sounds are presented to achieve a high frequency response of nearly 100kHz in the

high-density and high-texture electrostatic dynamic hybrid system, bringing a more pure and stable high resolution auditory experience.

Custom balanced driver, so that the sound of each frequency band is displayed with high quality

4 parallel electrostatic units are used to achieve a high frequency response close to 100kHz.

The special custom 8mm dynamic unit adopts PEK diaphragm and cooperates with Daikoku alloy coil to show accurate and rich texture in the medium and high frequency.

The special custom 12mm dynamic unit adopts PU diaphragm and cooperates with the Daikoku pure copper coil to bring strong low-frequency dynamic performance.

* Daikoku is a registered trademark of Japan DAIKOKU ELECTRIC WIRE CO., LTD.

Electrostatic UHF driver

The high frequency response of close to 100kHz shows the rich details of high frequency and bring more accurate positioning effect, just like being in the music scene.

The high frequency advantage of stable and pure electrostatic unit can be effectively exerted by using 4 electrostatic driver and high performance transformer.

Dual dynamic driver

Two custom dynamic drive units ensure medium and high frequency texture and thickness, while providing wide sound field and excellent dynamic performance.

Two custom coil dynamic units, coupled with a magnetic neodymium magnet, show high density medium frequency with rich details, and bring a deep and powerful low frequency. Coaxial design minimizes distortion, and specially adjusted electronics minimize invalid signals, resulting in a pure listening sense.

Three - frequency balanced compound drive unit group

The scientific layout of multiple driver units reduces the internal damage to the maximum extent, so that the advantages of each unit can be given full play, and the ideal frequency response can be obtained while enriching the sound details and creating a harmonious listening sense.

Static unit stable physical characteristics, to eliminate the separation of vibration, bring stable and pure high-frequency performance, for the static unit diaphragm

amplitude small physical characteristics, specially custom coaxial dual dynamic matching, make up the static unit missing the sound density and dynamic,

achieve an integrated and harmonious effect.

The well-built acoustic control environment, adopts complex ergonomic design of large capacity cavity and precision components, to achieve scientific sound field control.

The RDI cavity is special custom by Rose, with ample internal space and excellent acoustic characteristics to provide the best hybrid cavity for the dynamic drive unit group.

RDI cavity adopts deep in-ear design, which has excellent sound insulation effect. The sound tube is closer to the eardrum, which reduces the distortion caused

by sound wave propagation in the ear canal.

*The RDI cavity (public model) has passed through the ear canals of a large number of people of different ages and genders, and special custom shells with excellent acoustic properties and comfortable to wear.
*High-transmittance acrylic material, supplemented by medical-grade coating, to achieve a crystal-clear texture of the shell.

High-quality connection solution

MIRACLE, which pursues high sound quality performance, supports a variety of high sound quality connection methods, which can highly match your various

playback devices.

The cable uses OFC silver-plated technology, which effectively reduces the loss during signal transmission and reduces distortion.


Model: Rose MIRACLE

Driver: 4 electrostatic + 2 dynamic drivers

Frequency response: 4-96000Hz

Sensitivity: 97dB

Impedance: 18ohm

Max SPL: 99dB

Plug: 3.5mm straight plug

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Cable : OFC silver-plated


Rose miracle earphone

Rose Black Rose 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile Earphone IEM Upgrade Cable


Rose Technics craftsmanship, tailor-made for high-end earphones

Black Rose was launched in 2018. This braided cable is made of high-quality materials and is made by experienced craftsmen. Combining the tuning experience accumulated by engineers for many years, it is tailor-made for high-end earphones. In order to achieve the last 1% improvement in sound quality, it will be built at any cost, and every detail will use sophisticated technology and raw materials. Black Rose is loyal to the original sound and can highly present the excellent sound quality of high-resolution audio. The selection of cables with different ports will not limit the front end to which the earphones can be connected. Black Rose achieves a balance in sound quality, flexibility and durability.

The secret of excellent sound quality

Japan Itoya SG Co., Ltd. SAB series gold-plated plug

Japan Itoya SG Co., Ltd. SLT series gold-plated pin

German HORN 10% silver flagship solder

American METCAL MX500 high frequency welding

The use of gold-plated plugs with high corrosion resistance, better acoustic characteristics. It can reduce signal transmission loss and sound distortion to smoothly express treble frequency.

2 strands 4 cores cable

Black Rose uses a braided cable structure, which can naturally shield external interference, reduce internal conductor sound wave distortion, reduce bottom noise, and bring significant sound quality improvement.


Model: Black Rose

Conductor material: OCC single crystal oxygen-free copper

Connection line structure: 2 strands 4 cores

Plug: 3.5mm audio

Pin: 2Pin 0.78mm

Cable length: 1.2m


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