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Shanling ME700 Lite

Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite
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  • Brand: Shanling
  • Model: ME700 Lite
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Shanling ME700 Lite 4BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone


The whiteness of the autumn moon, plain and elegant

Late clouds harvest, autumn moon white. Vientiane ginseng is bright and clear. Milky white and light gold reflect, just like the autumn moon and stars that night.

Titanium diaphragm dynamic driver

Titanium plating can increase the rigidity of the diaphragm, greatly improve the transient performance and dynamics of the earphone, resolution the details cleanly, and make the low frequency more pure and transparent.

4 strands of 42-core single crystal copper gold and silver-plated mixed braided cable

Using 4 strands of 42-core single crystal copper gold and silver-plated mixed braided cable, while reducing distortion, it makes the sound bottom clearer, the high frequency is clearer, and the high frequency extension is more natural.

Mellow Collection

Imported PU composite gold foil diaphragm dynamic driver

Fully customized (1+1+2) four balanced armature driver

3D printing cavity

Neotech silver foil wire cable

Standard 2.5mm balanced cable + 3.5mm/4.4mm adapter cable

New expansion MMCX pin

Marble panel design

Marble exterior design

Delicate white veins running over deep black background, offering beautiful and exquisite look, so typical for refined marble. And thanks to unique nature of cultured marble, no two drivers of ME700 are exactly the same.

Full-band low-distortion sound level, composite gold foil diaphragm dynamic + full custom four-balanced armature

ME700 adopts custom imported composite gold foil diaphragm dynamic, with 4 balanced armature drivers exclusively custom by Shanling, to calmly capture every musical detail. 31 years of acoustic precipitation, brewing a width and mellow superior sound quality.

Gentle and powerful medium and low frequency, imported PU composite gold foil diaphragm dynamic driver

The 24K pure gold plating can greatly improve the damping characteristics of the diaphragm, more stray vibrations are absorbed, the sound quality becomes pure and natural, and the analysis details are precise and neat; the middle and low frequencies of ME700 are also softer, warmer and richer due to the acoustic characteristics of gold .

Smooth and delicate tri-frequency, subtle hybrid crossover

Based on the Helmhotz resonance principle, ME700 adds physical frequency division technology on the basis of the traditional resistance-capacitance frequency division of earphones. By constantly adjusting the arrangement of the driver and the tube, the tri-frequency connection of the ME700 is more smooth and calm.

The lingering rhyme surrounds the ears more than three days. Fully custom four balanced armature driver

Over the past three years, we developed and custom two medium and high frequency balanced armature drivers and a ultra-high frequency composite dual balanced armature driver for ME700. The medium and high frequency details are rich, the sound is bright and pleasant, and the whole is width and has an aftertaste.

We adopt the Shanling standard, and the matching accuracy is twice that of the industry

From component screening to driver assembly, all earphones undergo multiple rounds of factory pairing testing after passing sophisticated instrument tests. In the end, the pairing accuracy of ME700 earphones is twice that of the industry, creating a brand-new Shanling standard.

Exclusive audiophile soldering process

Shanling engineers improved the traditional earphone soldering formula, carefully selecting high-purity tin to reduce signal path loss; adding a certain proportion of silver to make the high frequency of the earphone clearer and brighter; adding gold regardless of cost, let The middle and low frequencies of the earphones are more surging and thick.

High purity Bandung silver foil wire

Using eight-strand high-purity silver foil wire from Neotech of Taiwan, 14 cores per strand. The use of silver foil can effectively reduce stress and surface effects, so that sound transmission is more natural, sound quality is transparent and pure, and high frequency extension is better.

SLA 3D printing process

It uses medical-grade skin-friendly resin imported from Germany, combines human ear big data sampling, and uses mature SLA 3D industrial-grade printing technology to create a high-precision integrated seamless cavity through digital modeling. It feels comfortable, and it locks the good  sound.

Aerospace parts forging

In order to improve electrical stability, all metal parts such as plugs, splitters, and adapters of ME700 are made of SUS316F stainless steel. This high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel is often used in precision electronic instruments such as medicine and aviation. With the ingenuity of forging artworks, each earphone component is carefully crafted.

With one-to-three multi-play, 3.5/2.5/4.4mm toss as you like

The ME700 earphone comes standard with 2.5mm balanced cable, and comes with 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced adapter cables. Challenge not to repetitive music gameplay? One ME700 is all done!

Hi-Res certification

Shanling ME700 has passed the certification of "Hi-Res Audio" by the Japanese Audio Association. The high-frequency extension range can reach 40kHz, and the high-resolution reproducibility of the original sound brings you a more natural and realistic listening experience.

Comply eartips

ME700 comes standard with American comply high-quality eartips, which integrates high comfort and high sound insulation, enhances the thickness and atmosphere of the low frequency, and gives the sound a gentle touch.


Driver: 1 dynamic + 4 custom balanced armature

Impedance: 18Ω

Sensitivity: 106±3dB

Frequency response: 20-40kHz

Cable: Neotech silver foil wire cable

Cable length: 1.2m

Plug: standard with 2.5mm balanced gold-plated cable, attached 3.5mm single-ended gold-plated adapter cable, 4.4mm balanced gold-plated adapter cable

Weight: 6.8g


ME700 Lite

Balanced eartips(S/M/L)

Bass eartips(S/M/L)

Soundstage eartips(S/M/L)

Vocal eartips(S/M/L)

Clean brush

Leather storage box

3.5mm single-ended gold-plated adapter cable

4.4mm balanced gold-plated adapter cable


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