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Shanling UA5

Shanling UA5
Shanling UA5
Shanling UA5
Shanling UA5
Shanling UA5
Shanling UA5
Shanling UA5
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  • Brand: Shanling
  • Model: UA5
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Shanling UA5 Dual ESS ES9038Q2M 32Bit / 768kHz DSD512 Type-C to 3.5mm/4.4mm USB DAC HiFi Portable Headphone Amplifier

FREE Type-C to lightning adapter


Dual ESS ES9038Q2M DACs

Dual ricore RT6863 headphone amplifiers

Monochrome OLED display

Independent volume control

Hybrid battery power system

Digital SPDIF output

Powerful output at 210mW@32ohm

3.5mm & 4.4mm outputs

In-house developed FPGA

Ultra low noise

Switch compatible

Companion App

Next step in UA line

UA5 pushes our line of portable USB DAC/AMPS to a whole new level. Adding wheel for independent volume control, monochromatic OL ED display for access to all extra settings, robust 4.4mm balanced connector for robust connection and even special hybrid battery power mode. Top quality Hi-Fi performance in palm of your hand.

Hybrid battery power system

UA5 adds a small 220mAh battery, dedicated to powering its analog audio circuit of DACS and amplifiers. Offering up to 6 hours of clean power and consistent sound quality, no matter what device is used to power the UA5.

USB power mode

Standard mode of USB DACs, whole UA5 is powered directly from the USB port of the connected.

Hybrid power mode

DACs and amplifiers are powered by the battery, while other sections are using limited power from the USB connector.

*When battery is depleted, UA5 will automatically switch to the USB power mode and enable charging. When the battery is charged or UA5 reconnected to a device, it will switch back to the Hybrid Power Mode.

* UA5 can be fully charged in just 30 minutes.

Pair of ESS ES9038Q2M Hi-Fi DACS

It adopted from our portable Hi-Res players, providing slightly warmer and natural sound, while still packing top-level resolution and detail. Fitting modem Audiophile systems with Hi-Res support up to 32Bit/768kHz and DSD512.

Dedicated headphone amplifiers

Two Ricore RT6863 amplifiers serve as a natural pairing for the ESS DAC chips, completing UA5's fully balanced circuit and assuring proper driving power for your headphones.

Superb signal processing

With in-house developed FPGA system and highly precise crystal oscillator, UA5 can process all data with improved accuracy and enhanced performance of both PCM and DSD data.

3.5mm & 4.4mm connectors digital SPDIF output

Connect to the 3.5mm single ended connector for normal headphones or upgrade to the balanced 4.4mm connectors for the full potential of the UA5. UA5 can be used as an USB to Coaxial SPDIF converter, serving as a high-quality connection between smartphones and High-End home DACS or receivers. It is especially useful for older Hi-Fi devices lacking quality USB inputs.

*Coaxial SPDIF connection requires matching cable with TRRS 3.5mm connector.

*3.5mm output: 137mW@32ohm

*4.4mm output: 211mW@32ohm

Ultra-Low Noise Output

At Shanling, we believe that an extremely black background with zero unwanted noise is crucial for a proper high-fidelity sound. UA5 is designed strictly follow this approach.

Pick your cable

UA5 comes with a premium-quality copper USB-C to USB-C cable. But thanks to the industry standard USB-C connector, it can be switched to a wide variety of cables, differing in construction or length, to match exactly with your Android phone, computer or even iOS device.

*iOS support demands special Lightning to USB DAC cable, available from range of sellers on the market.

* For use with Windows, please download Shanling USB drivers. No drivers needed for use with Mac.

Compatible with gaming systems

Hold down the volume wheel while connecting UA5 to a device, to switch UA5 to the UAC1.0 mode. This mode assures compatibility with a wider range of devices, especially gaming systems. Making games sound better than ever before.

PU leather case sold separately

Leather case available in three designs, it can keep the UA5 safe and scratch free.

Factory reset

Turn the wheel to bring up the volume setting screen. On this screen, press and hold the wheel for 4 seconds, to enter the service menu. Then press and hold the wheel for 2 seconds to perform factory reset of UA5


Dimensions: 68* 27 *13.5 mm

Weight: 29g

Hi-Res support Up to 32Bit / 768kHz & DSD512

DAC: Two ESS ES9038Q2M

Digital filters: User selectable from 7 options

Battery: 220mAh

Battery life: 6 hours 3.5mm output, 3 hours 4.4mm output

3. 5mm single-ended output

1. Output power: 2.1V @ 32ohm (137mW)

2. Frequency response: 20Hz - 50 kHz( -0.5dB)

3. THD+N: 0.0005%@32ohm (A-Weighted@ 1V)

4. Dynamic range: 122dB@32ohm (A-Weighted)

5. Channel separation: 77dB@32ohm

6. Signal-to-noise ratio: 121dB@32ohm (A-Weighted)

7. Output impedance: 0.8ohm

4.4mm balanced output

1. Output power: 2.6V@32ohm (21 1mW)

2. Frequency response: 20Hz- 50kHz (-0. 5dB)

3. THD+N: 0.0005%@ 32ohm (A-Weighted@1V)

4. Dynamic range: 120dB@32ohm (A-Weighted)

5. Channel separation: 1 10dB@32ohm

6. Signal-to-noise ratio: 116dB@32ohm (A-Weighted)

7. Output impedance: 1 .6ohm

3.5mm SPDIF coaxial output

Support up to 24Bit/192kHz

3.5mm TRRS standard


Shanling UA5

FREE Type-C to lightning adapter

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