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Brand: Shanling Model: UA5
Shanling UA5 Dual ESS ES9038Q2M 32Bit / 768kHz DSD512 Type-C to 3.5mm/4.4mm USB DAC HiFi Portable Headphone Amplifier FREE Type-C to lightning adapterDescription Dual ESS ES9038Q2M DACsDual ricore RT6863 headphone amplifiersMonochrome OLED displayIndependent volume controlHybrid battery p..
Brand: Shanling Model: for Shanling M3X
Shanling M3X Leather Case Accessory for Shanling M3X HiFi Lossless Music PlayerDescription M3X design leather case, welcome X evolution Strike the lines, the personality is flammable Leather and metal join forces, and then navy blue and rare earth black ignite the gold of red flames, and eng..
Brand: Shanling Model: ME700 Lite
Shanling ME700 Lite 4BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone DescriptionThe whiteness of the autumn moon, plain and elegantLate clouds harvest, autumn moon white. Vientiane ginseng is bright and clear. Milky white and light gold reflect, just like the autumn moon and stars th..
Brand: Shanling Model: for Shanling M6
Shanling M6 Leather Case Accessory for Shanling M6 HiFi Lossless Music PlayerDescription Different from the common problem of artificial leather, Napa calfskin has smooth and soft surface and good elasticity of leather, which can be used in leather cases for durability. The fine pores on the cow..
Brand: Shanling Model: M2S
Shanling M2s AK4490EQ DSD256 PCM 384Khz/32Bit Lossless Bluetooth Music PlayerDescription3 inch Retina display,310 PPI pixels,800X480 resolutions HD displayWhen you open the M2S, brilliant Retina display, matched with the 3-inch size, so that everything looks particularly bright and beautiful. Ph..
Brand: Shanling Model: M2
Shanling M2 192KHZ/32BIT CS4398 MUSES8920 TPA6120A2 Lossless Music Player+Free Leather case Description Display more insolent, colorful TFT color high-definition display, make the colors more bright and contrast are also more outstanding. New UI 3 major themes, 77 kinds of son..
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