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Brand: ShoonTH Model: ESEP-01BU
ShoonTH ESEP-01BU Flagiship Version 150ohm High Impedance HiFi Audiophile Earbud New model name: Explorer Zenith     DescriptionThis earphone adds a resistor to share some of the power and reduce the tooth tone of the silver-plated cable to make up the low-frequency feel of the si..
Brand: ShoonTH Model: Limited Version
New model name: Explorer EX  ,  ESEP-01BLE= Explorer EXShoonTH ESEP-01BLE Limited Version 150ohm Dynamic Driver HiFi Earphone EarbudDescriptionTuning is the soul of headphonesShoonth own developed air flow tuning technology creates a purely modified earphone shell for airflow techno..
Brand: ShoonTH Model: ESEP-01BL
ShoonTH ESEP-01BL 32ohm HiFi EarbudNew model name: Explorer L   Description Comfortable wearing experience , the sound is straight into the heart, and you can enjoy the deep comfortable Experience. Ingenuity, this earbud housing has been tried and screened many times,..
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