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Brand: SHOZY Model: MXN
SHOZY MXN Nostalgic Version 32ohm 15.4mm Dynamic Driver Audiophile EarbudDescriptionSHOZY MXN flat-head earbud is the pay tribute to MX500, regaining the past moving and balanced atmosphere, nostalgic popularity.Compared with the earlier MX500, SHOZY MXN has improved the R angle and is more comforta..
Brand: SHOZY Model: P20
Shozy P20 14.5mm Diaphragm Planar Driver 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile In-ear EarphoneDescriptionLarge Diaphragm Planar Driver IEMThe Shozy P20 is designed around an all new large-sized diaphragm driver. This new 14.5mm diaphragm planar driver is significantly bigger than the typical 6-10mm diaphragms used..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Cygnus MKII
SHOZY Cygnus MKII 16ohm High-Sensitivity Low Impedance Dynamic Driver Audiophile EarbudsDescription SHOZY Cygnus MKII is the upgrade version of SHOZY Cygnus , it is comfortable to listen to, popular tuning, more balanced, more detail, larger sound field.SHOZY integrating design,..
Brand: SHOZY Model: P-10
Shozy P-10 Planar-Dynamic Composite Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone DescriptionCaptivating sound, elegantly refinedNew type planar-DD-composite driver tech, designed by SHOZY.Planar-DD-composite driver technology infused, enhanced spatial imagery & transients performanceSpecia..
Brand: SHOZY Model: BKse
SHOZY BKSE (Black) Special Edition 3.5mm Audio HiFi Audiophile Flat-head Earphones/EarbudsDescriptionSHOYZ BKse use OFC cableSHOZY BK (black) special edition earbud use high performance drivers which is imported from Japan.SHOZY BK special edition use minimalist open design, comfortable to wear. J..
Brand: SHOZY Model: T1
Shozy T1 Open-style Single Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear EarphoneT1 mic version comes with copper cable with mic T1 pro comes with high purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable. Description Shozy multiple separation patent technology, good sound field (like immersed in th..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Gold
SHOZY Gold Flagship HIFI Audiophile Earbud (Limited Edition)SpecificationDriver unit: φ15.4mmImpedance: 32ohm3.5mm audio plug: Using original Japan imported Oyaide TRS 3.5mm plug. 4.4mm balanced plug: Japan Bispa 4.4mm balanced gold-plated plug ,Cable entry aperture: 5mm , Shell diame..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Djembe
Shozy Djembe 1 Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone DescriptionShozy Djembe, semi-open single dynamic driver in-ear earphones, Shozy multiple separation technology, good sound field (like being immersed in a concert hall, real restoration), rich in details, good transient and dynam..
Brand: SHOZY Model: MAGMA
Shozy MAGMA 2EST + 1BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone Audiophile IEMSDescriptionElectrostatic tweeterlt's every audiophile's dream to have a pair of electrostatics in their living room. With the development of the Electrostatic Tweeter, Sonion brings the same technolog..
Brand: SHOZY Model: SCB2
Shozy SCB2 Dynamic Driver  2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone Audiophile IEMsSHOZY SCB2 is a cooperated IEM by SHOZY & ISN Audio. B2 is equipped with ISN SC4 cable, so it is SCB2.Specification Brand: Shozy Driver: DynamicCNC stainless steel shell, plated with 24K gold edgeSensitivity: ..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Trio
Shozy Trio Gold & Silver & Copper Mixed Braided 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile Earphone CableDescription4 shares Gold, silver and copper mixedJapan Bispa 4.4mm balanced plugJapan Oyaide 3.5mm TRS plug2pin 0.78mm connector..
Brand: SHOZY Model: SG
SHOZY SG High-Sensitivity Low Resistance Open EarbudsWithout packaging box SpecificationDriver unit: φ15.4mmImpedance: 32ohmLength:120cmPlug:3.5mm Package SHOZY SG  Earbuds Earphone Carry case..
Brand: SHOZY Model: V33
Shozy V33 Vinyl 33 1/3 Single Dynamic Driver ACG HiFi In-ear Earphoneno packaging box comes with earphone case .new packaging box  does not include earphone case.DescriptionIt is jointly developed by Shozy and the domestic top horn team. It lasted for nearly 3 years. The medium frequency is ..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Aluminum Earphone Case
Shozy Portable Aluminum Storage Box Protective Box Carry Earphone CaseDescriptionThe earphone storage box is made from Shozy brand that is original authentic.Each earphone case is made of 2kg aluminum alloy, the surface is sanded with an apple grade and anodized, the effect is fine and outstandi..
Brand: SHOZY Model: BK (Black)
SHOZY BK (Black) 2.5mm Balanced/3.5mm Audio HiFi Audiophile Flat-head Earphones/EarbudsDescriptionUse high performance drivers which is imported from Japan.Special customized HIFI audiophile cable (8-core imported single crystal copper, a core containing 26pcs 0.06occ, small overall diameter, sho..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Magic
Shozy Magic Micro USB DAC Headphone Amplifier Description The Shozy Magic offers meticulous build quality and impeccable tuning in such a tiny footprint. Magic is a very small and exquisite portable amp decoder, with DAC digital decoder and AMP two functions, in addition to like the ..
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Brand: SHOZY Model: Gold Limited Edition
Shozy Alien Gold Limited Edition Audiophile 24 bit/96kHz Lossless Portable Digital Player Description Better build, enhanced sound. Celebrating the success of the first and second generation Aliens, Gold Edition Alien is released in a limited..
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Brand: SHOZY Model: Cygnus
SHOZY Cygnus High-Sensitivity Low Impedance Dynamic Driver HiFi Open EarbudsDescription SHOZY integrating design, research and development, production. Cygnus Open earbuds, is the brand concentration of various elite, spent nearly one year, the intention specializes earplugs out of ..
Brand: SHOZY Model: PX-M1
SHOZY PX-M1 Portable Audiophile Headphone Amplifier Description PX-M1 on the basis of the previous generation product is lightweight, thin shape, the main volume of the fuselage is only 93mm * 58mm * 13mm. Not only visually more beautiful, while the overall volume slightly thin thickness can b..
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