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Star II design process

  • Star II is a new start, newer and more perfect processing technology and tuning architecture will completely subvert the first generation.
  • Star tuning basis based on the Etymotic ER4, a reference level earphones that has 86% accurate degree of reduction between 20hz-16khz, tuning direction to ER4 high-fidelity technology as a reference tone, the integration of our tuning style , Hope on the basis of ER4 accuracy improving the low-frequency quality and resolution and sound field, corresponding to the popular player, the phone's output power can also produce a good frequency response.
  • In this year, the engineering team communicated with the American Knowles engineers to seek technical support on the core components, and finally found a driver that could meet the requirements, using the ER4 frame driver to open a hole through the technology, increase the driver intake air Volume to enhance some low frequency band, and expand the sound field.
  • Through this handling, it is inevitable to lose a lot of high frequency and resolution, the process is like alchemy, when you get a part, will also make you lose other parts ,in order to balance gains and losses, engineers have adopted a Ultra High Frequency, high resolution driver to finish up the missing low frequency of high-frequency speaker .the use of dual frequency-divider module for frequency divide processing, cut off the unneeded frequency, after the matching the open hold driver ,and then damping tuning and micro-change. On such a day the starII appeared.

At any cost, respect for intellectual property rights, use genuine high quality materials

  • oyaide factory direct import P-3.5G plug, custom high-precision pure carbon fiber back cover, oyaide Chrome-plated 24K plug, the high precision process, knurling and Chrome plating treatment, use original Knowles sound field driver ensure consistency, stability, High-end integration of all carbon fiber cover, the real pure carbon fiber, higher consistency and have a real carbon fiber audio and physical characteristics than the average carbon fiber cloth.

With high-quality custom silver-plated wire

  • Using the software for digital modeling, light curing 3D mold, installed the welding and tested driver with the divider also the socket, after covered with a custom all carbon fiber cover ,then light curing reinforcement, while grinding while facing the light Constantly rotating the cavity, until did not see the edges and corners from the scattered light but all the surface and perfect flawless hands feel, like a pebbles ,finally brush a layer of high hardness of medical grade paint, put in the UV Box for curing forming, and then with 1/24 times the frequency, 20-20khz stroke, do high-precision machine data test, to ensure that the curve control in the absolute value of 2DB, the factory will be to ensure the accuracy of the sound and welding stability.

Professional product debugging standards

  • BK hardware system support, the United States SOUND CHECK 12.0 software system, test headphones using 711 standard sensor, 1/24 times the frequency high precision measurement standards. 20-20Khz bandwidth stroke, through the impedance conversion weight, set the precise rated power to ensure that each earphone curve is extremely accurate, no bias. In the development phase of the rental acoustics laboratory to collect measurement data, analysis and integration to ensure the most accurate acoustic measurement results, to promote the development of outstanding scientific and accurate products
    Graphical data comparison reference


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